726 – Topics


00:03 Rule of lawlessness: mandated vaccinations, feedback from listeners, manufactured fear, placebo, questions about big picture, countries following same dictatorial agenda, politicians not following but leading, the real threat, Ayn Rand’s Inexplicable Personal Alchemy, truth matters when ideas matter, inability to believe in triumph of evil, not fully human, entering a state of lawlessness

17:00 Enforcement of lawlessness: Ontario Human Rights Commission ruling on Vax passports, Doug Ford’s abandonment of his post, insanity behind logic, public-private partnerships and fascism, emergency justifications are invalid, Agenda 21 and the Great Re-set

33:45 Let’s stop pretending: purpose of rights, freedom of speech, reviewing the evidence – Mark Paralovos, re-defining who is ‘not’ vaccinated, placebo strategy

48:30 Emergency department: private health care, public health care rationing, doctors warn of health system collapse, emergency ethics, the trolley problem, the necessity of emergencies to tyrants, dictators’ nemesis, respect

59:42 END