750 – Clips & Credits


(A) Wag the Dog (Appearance of War)
(B) Fox News, Tucker Carlson, March 9 2022 (Ukraine bio labs)
(C) Info Wars, Greg Reese, March 10 2022 (Klaus Schwabb and Hunter Biden’s Ukraine connections)
(D) X22 Report 2721b, March 9 2022 (Bio labs revealed)
(E) X22 Report 2721b, March 9 2022 (Taiwan next)
(F) What’s Her Face, March 11 2022 (People are sh*t )
(G) GBnews, Neil Oliver, March 12 2022 (Good and evil in the heart)
(H) Red Dwarf (Fascist prizes to be won)

(insert-C) Fox News, October 2 2019, Donald Trump (Biden’s a crook)
(insert-D) Hogan’s Heroes 211 (Semi-embalmed)

Hosted By: Bob Metz