770- Topics


00:03 Canada In Revolt: The Freedom Convoy – the inside story of three weeks that shook the world, bio of Andrew Lawton, Tamara Lich and Pat King singled out, use of fear to prevent dissent, power to freeze bank accounts, charges against Tamara Lich most symbolic, money not an issue, a self-organized grass roots event, significance of Pat King’s role, documented evidence of objectionable views, King not an organizer and asked to leave, groundswell feeling and renewed faith in Canada, official narrative of Canada changing, troubling how Canadians welcomed tyranny, convoy offered hope

19:45 Press freedom: Orwell’s reasons for writing, record of posterity, first-hand account of historical event, dueling narratives, mistrust of the mainstream media, public attitudes towards mainstream media, independent media won the day, police barriers, journalist credentials, Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to all Canadians on freedom of expression

32:15 Partisan: Conservative Party of Canada ignores protest, CPC ignored critical debate from beginning of Covid restrictions, Erin O’Toole’s lack of leadership, Maxime Bernier and PPC only party speaking up, caution towards political parties at events, conservative narratives no different that Left, NDP nowhere near the workers revolt, hypocrisy of Left exposed on protest rights

45:30 Organic: not an organized event, dealing with the non-organized protest, no way to control event through organizer authority, organic nature of event prevented its control, don’t follow the money, role of technology, thanks to cell phones and citizen journalists, end run around established press, streaming live video of event as witness, social media revolution, alternative media platforms, perfect storm to make event a success, True North

59:42 END