771- Topics


00:03 God save us : looking to God for protection from man, Judeo-Christian values, political attacks against Christians, separation of state and religion, God in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, no God in the US Constitution, God as the supreme being, no debates on faith

16:17 Heavenly state: when religion crosses a critical line, the Bible as a book of narratives, prophecy illusion, history repeats, atheism isn’t a thing, God as an axiomatic concept, in the beginning was the word, the emergence of reason, afterlife, heaven is where you’ll own nothing and be happy, the morality paradox

29:15 Nothing is supernatural: overwhelmed by the collective, atheists and secularists, good and evil are objective and real concepts, good and evil are values, free will and volitional consciousness, thinking is not a mechanical process

39:35 Chaotic logic: the creation myth, belief in a supernatural god only based on faith, reversing cause and effect, construction of the natural universe, existence a self-sufficient primary, axiomatic concepts, Conrad Ranzan on the natural universe, the emergence of consciousness, the miracle of reality, misdirected criticisms of atheists, political polarity

59:42 END