791 – Topics


00:03 Not our war: Ukraine is not Canada’s war, all Canadian parties and leaders are pro-war, PPC position on Ukraine, Canadian propaganda about democracy, Ukraine corrupt, NATO expansion, Canadian parties pandering to Ukrainian demographic, Jean Chretien’s refusal to send troops to Iraq, US using Ukraine in a proxy war against Russia, green energy not sustainable

15:00 Fake news narratives: early attempts at peace, Russia always in support of peace, corporate media no longer balanced, inflation and deficit, pro-Putin accusations, zero response from corporate media to PPC policy on Ukraine, BRICS represents 80% of world’s population, MSM narratives all devoid of history and context

27:20 Too little too late: Zelenskyy’s March 15 presentation to Canadian parliament, Canadian politicians all support Zelenskyy’s tyranny, Zelenskyy portrayed as champion of democracy, Conservatives support Ukraine war, PPC as a smart populist party, individual freedom, personal responsibility, respect, fairness, Conservative Party morally and intellectually bankrupt

40:25 Bloc heads: hypocrisy of Quebec politicians on Ukraine, Singh envies Putin’s wealth, PPC earned 5% of vote in last federal election, Green Party on Ukraine war, CRTC no longer enforcing balanced reporting, media is the problem, necessity of independent media

59:42 END