813 – Topics


00:03 Eternal truth: Russian spirit of cooperation, truth as a casualty of war, truth is eternal, history written by the victors, knowledge is power, fear of knowledge, West has no moral right to criticize Russia, Putin speaks for American values

13:00 We look in amazement: Putin condemns WOKE ideology, Putin looks forward to Trump back in office, Putin no communist, Putin defends American values, the progressive means socialist, healthy reasonable conservatism

30:33 Truth in the meat grinder: Ukraine-Russia conflict, the Bakhmut meat grinder, casualty counts and controversies, fake news media on Ukraine, Putin as the singular world leader against WOKE and Marxism

47:55 De-growth is de-instructive: Europe’s Beyond Growth Conference, committing economic suicide, ideology based on anti-concepts, the power of knowledge, knowledge of the truth, knowing what ain’t so, infinite growth against limited resources, economic stories, white supremacy, all things white represent Western culture, Marxism is the religion of fools

59:42 END