831 – Topics


00:03 Silver lining: Nazis in Canadian parliament, two standing ovations for Yaroslav Hunka, condemning one Nazi while honoring another, silver lining in the exposure of Canada’s slide into Nazism, Hunka fought Canada’s ally during WW2 – Russia, orchestrated and staged cover up, vetting parliamentary guests, Mansur honored by Canadian senate in 2017, Trudeau avoids responsibility

19:00 Ukraine drowning: Trudeau giving billions of Canadian dollars to Ukraine, Trudeau booed in Toronto, blaming Putin for sneaking Hunka into Canadian parliament, Zelenskyy addresses empty UN General Assembly, Canada a safe haven for Nazis, Office of Strategic Services, CIA, release of over 100 thousand Ukranians, war against Russia commenced on day of war’s end with Germany and Japan

35:10 The Jewish question: comparison of Canada today with Germany under Nazis, Nazis killing millions, Canadian monuments erected to Ukranian Nazis, University of Alberta Hunta Scholarship, Canadian Ukranians a powerful lobby, in the name of democracy, Jews and other religious/ethnic collectives are not monolithic, Russians have archives of evidence against Ukraine, Jewish oligarchs financing Nazis, Eastern European Jews

52:20 One too many: Canada as an American vassal state which embraces Nazis, Canada praises Hitler, awakening the minds of those asleep, Putin’s announcement of the de-Nazification of Ukraine

59:42 END