Jun 262024

When it comes to politics, you can never be sure whether to laugh or cry. In a field where the cardinal rule is ‘define or be defined’, defining politics itself can be elusive.

Politics is commonly (though correctly) associated with the state and government. But politics is also played outside of the government arena, as in office politics, business politics, and social politics involving competitions for social status.

Interestingly, most dictionaries do not describe what makes ‘political’ activity distinct from other forms of human activities without referring to state or government.

One distinctive attribute of politics suggests that when something becomes ‘political’ it means that the game is no longer being played on a level playing field. But the unspoken truth about the distinctive nature of politics is that it has become a socially acceptable means of acquiring the unearned. Worse, when it comes to governments, actions otherwise considered unconscionable or criminal are broadly tolerated if carried out for political reasons.

Politics has always operated in a political theatre of epistemology – a war of words calculated to win the support of the public. By controlling populations through the creation of fake definitions, politicians can pursue their real agendas in a manner unseen by most.

No issue could demonstrate the political war of definitions better than the Covid ‘vaccine-bioweapon-gene therapy-plandemic’. Several American states have launched civil actions against Pfizer, based on the fact that Pfizer illegally re-defined terms like ‘vaccine,’ ‘adverse event,’ ‘virus,’ ‘vaccination,’ and ‘infection’ to mean things that those words and terms do not mean. The significance of this is that for vaccine manufacturers using the contrived definitions, immunity from liability will no longer apply.

Thankfully, the war of words is also fought with valid definitions that correspond to the facts. These developments appear to represent a significant step in the Right direction because when it comes to the vaccine industry, it’s the defining issue that’s Just Right.

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