Apr 242014

The Middle Class


00:07 The middle has no class: the middle class, government protecting the middle class, free enterprise, success, lowering standard of living, government spending cuts, protecting the middle class – from government, classless society, College of Trades, Obama’s reign of error, job creation, inflation, money supply
17:35 Reign of error? government mistakes, gold, Sparta, inflation, tripling of US money supply, cut in wages, standard of living, government pensions, snake oil, nice people
30:35 Kathleen Wynne’s leadersh*t leadership: Kathleen Wynne vs NDP and PC, unions, labour, College of Trades, Wynne’s proposed partnership – government-business – government-labour, Ontario budget and election, technology and the internet, economic history of the automobile, creation of wealth and high wages
48:10 Catch A Fire: Toronto 4/20: Toronto 4/20, Vapor Central, London 4/20, policing pot events 55:53 END

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