Dec 112014

Car Model


00:07 White guilt: collective guilt, being white a transgression, white guilt a political construction, Western ideals under attack, liberal abandonment of intellectual argument, spread of Western culture, attributing achievement to colour, official multiculturalism
13:10 Male guilt: race on television comedy and drama, comply or explain, bending corporate gender rules, consequences not defined, criteria not defined, chess rules, means and ends for more women on company boards, male guilt
28:28 Sex sells: Bill C-36 now law in Canada, sex workers, demanding no demand, prostitution, consent, Kathleen Wynne to investigate Bill C36, using sex to sell cars, female models as sex, political correctness, sexualization of products, rejection of sexuality, gender egalitarianism, sex appeal
45:40 Spam sells: Canadian anti-spam legislation, expected Charter challenges, Oakes test, follow the money on spam and prostitution laws 56:16 END

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