Feb 042018

The Last Jedi

Just Right Media is pleased to introduce THE AGE OF OUTRAGE, “a conversational look at selected topics in the news that most anger people,” featuring hosts John Otis and Scott (the Brick Wall) Williams-Oakes.

From the theater release of Star Wars the Last Jedi to the protests in Iran, John and Scott demonstrate that there’s plenty for people to get outraged about.

Calling the latest Star Wars saga “the most polarizing and divisive film” of the Star Wars franchise, Scott cites those who hated the film because the plot does not move in expected directions, which apparently upset a sector of the established fan base. The controversy rages.

Another outrageous circumstance has been the “deafening” Liberal media silence about the implications of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation trip, which now has led to his being found guilty of conflict of interest ethics violations.

Or you could become outraged over Trudeau’s relationship with Joshua Boyle, given Boyle’s associations with terrorists and extremists, to say nothing of Boyle’s pending 15 criminal charges, including forcible confinement.

Then there’s the opposition of Western feminists and organized women’s movements (through their continuous silence) to what is happening to women in Iran and in other areas of the Islamic world.

If any of these issues concern or outrage you, be sure to add THE AGE OF OUTRAGE to your library of perspectives on the issues of our day that are Just Right!

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  1. Congratulations John, not really a movie watcher so i didnt find the Jedi subject interesting but the political commentary was very interesting. You are like the Canadian Rush Limbau.

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