Feb 182018

“So we’re saying that” Jordan Peterson’s infamous Channel 4 interview with Cathy Newman is just one of the issues that John Otis and Scott (the Brick Wall) Williams-Oakes found was generating a lot of outrage. That outrage went both ways: those who were upset by Newman’s twisting everything that Peterson said to fit her own narrative, and those who were blaming Peterson for the vitriol and outrage aimed at Newman following her outrageous interview.

Also on John and Scott’s outrage meter this week are Ontario’s new minimum wage laws. These laws also generated outrage in two directions: the outrage expressed by the businesses forced to cope with the additional forced and artificial expense and the outrage felt by those angered when some businesses cut back on voluntary staff benefits in response.

Or how about the more fundamental and universal outrage felt by the Left who shout versions of ‘make the rich pay’ and argue that those who earn millions of dollars should be robbed because “no one works for $60 million.” Now that’s really outrageous!

And did you hear about the outrage expressed by both Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau and Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne over the fake ‘hijab attack’ story generated by an 11-year-old girl last month? Outrageous. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised when our top politicians are forced to rely on fake news stories – to support their fake values agendas.

Whatever form it takes, ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ is still an act of robbery. And for that reason alone, no Leftist ‘wealth redistribution’ schemes can ever be Just Right.

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