350 – Clips & Credits


(A) The Newsroom 04 (CBC) (Poverty Driven)
(B) A Wynning Ford Parody Election Ad (Can’t Stop Running)
(C) August 18,2011 CTV News (Hudak Pot Shot)
(D) May 9, 2014, Sun TV (John Robson on Tim Hudak)
(E) The Newsroom 04 (CBC) (A Thinking Candidate)
(F) August 31, 2013 Sun TV – David Akin (Erin Goodwin – FP candidate in Thornhill)
(G) July 31, lfpress Political Beat (Pat Maloney, Brent Boles)
(H) Comedy Central 1220 Dan Mintz (Negative Personality)

Hosted By: Bob Metz and Robert Vaughan; On-air Operator: Ed von Aderkas