Apr 072022

Mark Pellegrino is not only a successful actor (Supernatural, The Tomorrow People) he is also an Objectivist and co-founder of the American Capitalist Party.

In conversation with Robert Vaughan, he discusses how Ayn Rand’s philosophy for living has benefitted his life and career and formed the basis for the policies and platform of the American Capitalist Party.

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Nov 302019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

Peer pressure may be partly what is behind the firing of Don Cherry from Sportsnet’s Coach’s Corner.

The current cultural hegemony of the left prohibits any dissent or disagreement and even television executives, it seems, are not immune to its destructive force.

They either lack the inner strength to resist the societal tide or they lack the intellectual vocabulary to defend what is right.

Of course, there is always the other option and that is that they actually share the prevailing philosophy of ‘cancelling’ any objection to the order of things.

Whatever their reason for taking Grapes off the air, these people are poltroons and Cherry’s term “cuckaloos,” fits them to a T.

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632 – Cherry pickin’ – Top picks about the Don Cherry controversy

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Nov 212019

Don Cherry

It’s remarkable what such an innocuous phrase as ‘you people‘ can tell us about we people.

The termination of Don Cherry‘s career over his concern – and the way he expressed it – about how so few people in Canada today wear poppies on Remembrance Day was less a story about Cherry than about the growing intolerant mindset of Canadians.

This intolerance is particularly applicable to those obsessed with race, open border immigration, and virtue signalling.

The associative train of thought, along with a complete abandonment of context that was necessary to condemn Cherry as a racist and a xenophobe is both outrageous and irrational. According to the logic, ‘you people’ = ‘immigrant’ = ‘people of color’ = ‘racism and xenophobia’ – and whatever else one may subjectively wish it to mean. Continue reading »

The Motion Picture Association – The Danielle Metz Show 062

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May 252019

Audio as heard on WBCQ

Taking a break from the heavy political issues they usually take on, Danielle and Robert talk about some of their all-time favorite movie picks.

From 1979 German cinema, to Japanese anime, to the latest Star Wars installment they give their thumbs up or their raspberries to both the classics and the stinkers.

The Danielle Metz Show – 022 – The View from here

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Jul 292018

In responding to talk show guest Judge Jeanine Pirro, The View’s Whoopi Goldberg declared “I don’t have Trump Derangement; let me tell you what I have. I’m tired of people starting a conversation with “Mexicans are liars and rapists.” The ‘debate’ ended shortly thereafter with Goldberg ejecting Pirro from the show. She then became verbally abusive by swearing and directing profanity against the Trump-supporting judge.

Agreeing that this viewing of ‘the View’ was an uncomfortable one, Robert and Danielle also view Whoopi’s embarrassing meltdown and reaction to Pirro’s arguments as yet another symptom of the Left’s inability to defend itself. Ironically, it is also an extreme example of Trump Derangement Syndrome, in which the sufferer denies the affliction while openly exhibiting its symptoms.

Given that Trump never made any such statement, Goldberg’s hysteria was understandable. Her assertion against Trump could neither be justified nor verified, yet she insisted on asserting it – more evidence of the emotional compulsion that drives Trump Derangement Syndrome. Goldberg’s later non-apologetic apology was just the icing on the symptom.

Thanks to its panel of Leftists like Whoopi Goldberg, ‘the View’ provides everyone with an inside view of Leftist views – views apparently not debatable when contradicted by facts.

Fortunately for Danielle and Robert, ‘the View’ from here is Just Right.

The Danielle Metz Show – 017 – The Designers

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Jul 012018

It’s one thing to break down negative stereotypes and traditions, but quite another when it is being done to create new ‘stereotypes’ and ideals that are more fiction than fact.

That appears to have become the primary goal of many ‘Hollywood’ television series, which – by design – have compromised their stories and plot lines with social commentaries and objectives that are simply not necessary but which serve the purpose of ‘the designers.’

Citing the current 2018 ‘Lost In Space’ TV show, which in contrast to the original 1960s series, has portrayed the father (John Robinson) as a somewhat emasculated image of the original, Robert and Danielle offer examples from many other popular TV series that illustrate the same pattern of social reconstruction.

Hollywood’s attack on the traditional family father figure has long been taking place in other cited series like All In The Family, Married With Children, and Modern Family. Meanwhile, other politically ‘progressive’ trends have infiltrated the stories of shows like Friends, Boston Legal, Castle, Bluebloods, Gotham, and others.

There is no question that many of these shows offer excellent entertainment value. However, the disproportionate emphasis on racism, the reversal of male-female dynamics, and the assumption of social attitudes far in disproportion to what is experienced in real life, can make one wary. Is it just good entertainment, or is it an attempt to change political attitudes that ‘the designers’ hope will eventually translate into real life politics?

The irony in all of this is that most of the social attitudes now under attack are those that were already Just Right.

527 – Hate is all that’s Left

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Oct 192017


Believing that those on the Left are merely people of good will with opposing or differing opinions on the role of government, many are falsely led to believe that the Left is interested in an honest political debate and democratic consensus.

But this is simply not so.

The Left hates freedom, hates capitalism, hates Western values, and of course, hates everything that’s Just Right.

For the political Left, hate is, and always has been, the prime motivator. For the Left, violence is an acceptable means of “expressing free speech.” For the Left, principles don’t matter. For the Left, “When persuasion fails, just use force.” Continue reading »