797 – Why freedom is just Right—and tyranny is always Left

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Feb 092023

The continuing confusion over distinctions between the political Left and Right contributes greatly to society’s steady drift away from freedom and towards a state of tyranny. No mere matter of semantics, the failure to objectively distinguish Left from Right blinds people to the nature of politics, a blindness that can only lead towards tyranny.

For example, when it comes to voting, most don’t think in terms of a Left and Right polarity; the polarity they think is Left and Right is the one between Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, Green or Blue, etc. But as experience repeatedly demonstrates, this is a false polarity because all of today’s political parties on the so-called “political spectrum” are on the Left – which in all its forms and political options lead consistently away from freedom.

As the architect of our dysfunctional and broken political compass, the Left has been astonishingly successful in having destroyed the proper association of freedom with the Right, while at the same time disguising the totalitarian nature of the Left. In desperation, many seeking freedom turn towards a false “Right” associated with conservatism, libertarianism, and even anarchism – all rooted in ideologies of the Left.

From its origins and history to its application in practice, any honest and objective evaluation of the principles on which freedom is based against the principles on which tyranny is based will lead to the unavoidable conclusion that Freedom is Just Right and tyranny is always Left.

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790 – Peace on earth—the unknown ideal

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Dec 222022

If we want to celebrate peace on earth this Christmas, then perhaps we should be celebrating capitalism and everything it represents.

Peace is not simply the absence of war. It is also the absence of any form of tyranny. It is a condition that arises whenever the use of force and fraud are prohibited in human relationships.

There is only one form of governance that fits this description – an unknown ideal that continues to be so even as the world desperately seeks a solution to the problems that it would solve.

Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned,” explained Ayn Rand in Capitalism – The Unknown Ideal. “In a capitalist society, all human relationships are voluntary.”

In the latest attempt to destroy the concept of capitalism, Klaus Schwab has introduced the anti-concept of “stakeholder capitalism” in which we will all “own nothing and be happy.”

Of course, the reality is that capitalism is a system in which each individual owns what is rightfully earned, and where happiness is up to each individual to pursue and achieve.

The world is constantly at war, elaborated Rand, “because the dominant political philosophy is statism. Statism – in fact and in principle – is nothing more than gang rule. It is not a system conducive to brotherhood, security, cooperation, and peace.”

Our understanding of the world and everything around us is based on the definition of the words and concepts that we use. If those definitions are incorrect, then so too is our understanding of the world. Unless we come to view capitalism in a way that is Just Right, peace on earth will forever remain an unknown ideal.

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789 – Word War 3—the weaponization of language

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Dec 152022

Thinking rationally requires accurate and precise definitions without which thinking cannot be valid or effective. Since destroying the ability to think is key to the advance of any form of tyranny, this requires the use of anti-concepts – normal words with twisted definitions that do not correspond to reality in any way.

“Misuse of language is the means by which the Marxist cult of communism has done the most serious injury to intelligence,” wrote Isabel Paterson in her monumental work, The God of the Machine.

“Marxist terminology reduces verbal expression to literal nonsense on the basis of fact and usage; the phrase ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ is like ‘the roundness of a triangle,’ a contradiction in terms. It has no meaning. This is specifically the language of fools; for the deficiency which is indicated by the word ‘fool’ is the incapacity to understand categories and the relation of things and qualities.”

In other words, everyone on the Left is a fool or has been ‘fooled’ into believing something that is not so.

Perhaps the most foolish concept to surface of late has been the contradictory “round triangle” concept called “stakeholder capitalism.” Described by the king of fools Klaus Schwab as a system in which we will “own nothing and be happy,” his twisted definition is as far from anything to do with capitalism as one can get.

In the realm of political concepts, the Left represents tyranny while the Right represents freedom. So it should not be surprising that the Left projected its own evil on to the Right, by falsely claiming its own ideology of fascism to be “right wing.” This has destroyed the ability of those who accept this lie to even be able to think about the reality of the choices that face them. Believing that they have no choice but the lesser of two evils at two ends of an imaginary non-existent “political spectrum,” many on the Right are blinded from making any choice at all, much to the delight of the Left.

Until more people come to understand what’s Just Right and what distinguishes it from everything Left, Word War 3 may soon no longer just be a war of words.

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787 – The dictatorship of the primitive | Salim Mansur

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Dec 012022

In an effort to describe and explain the madness forcing various versions of a “green agenda” upon us, our guest Salim Mansur recently found himself drawn to a series of essays originally compiled in Ayn Rand’s 1971 book “The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution.” (re-released in 1999 as “Return of the Primitive” with additional essays by Peter Schwartz on the enduring legacy of the Left.)

“There is something fundamentally primitive in this malady, this profound sickness that has overtaken Western man,” laments Salim. “It was astounding. Everything that Rand wrote about is what we’re living through. This is not a new debate.”

Drawing upon Rand’s symbolic comparison of the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus with the Right and Left respectively, Salim is led unavoidably to the conclusion that the making of civilizations is an individual undertaking, not a collective one.

In the light of that reality, the collectivist wave now enveloping the West can itself be understood to be both the cause and symptom of civilization’s collapse. Continue reading »

781 – On the war fronts—from Covid to climate

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Oct 202022

Behind the totalitarian urge to form a “one world” government lies a veritable menu of sinister conspiracies. We have reached a point of convergence where it is increasingly difficult to separate otherwise seemingly unrelated events from each other.

Fighting climate change. Fighting Russians. Fighting Covid. Fighting free speech. Threatening nuclear war. Forcing vaccine injections. Collapsing currencies. Stealing elections. Etc.

Taken individually, each of these events is concerning enough. Together, they are symptoms of a civilization in the process of collapsing. When civilizations collapse, they do so on many fronts, but in the end, there is really only one battlefront: the philosophical one.

Philosophy embodies values, and differences in philosophies become most visible when in political conflict. These conflicts manifest themselves more within nations than between them. Hence, Left versus Right.

However, when it comes to the Left, not only is it in conflict with the Right, but with reality itself. So positioned, Leftist ideology is always forced to rely on coercion and conspiracy to gain power.

It is ironic that those who expose the Left’s conspiracies should be labeled “conspiracy theorists” when the conspirators themselves openly announce their conspiratorial plans well in advance, even giving them names like the ‘Great Re-set!” Worse, whenever the Left observes increasing numbers on the Right acting in unison, this is presented as evidence of “conspiracy.”

However, unlike tyranny, freedom is not sustained by force and fraud, but through reason and consent. When human beings collectively abide by a reality-based moral code that is Just Right, calling it a conspiracy is just wrong.

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767 – Just follow the money—down the psycho path to tyranny

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Jul 142022

It’s just one crisis after another. The dramatic earth-shaking events of the past week alone should have been cause for pause. From the assassination of Japan’s Shinzo Abe to the fall of Sri Lanka’s government to the millions protesting against their governments in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, and Holland, the news events are too many to keep track of.

All that, in addition to the continuing “war” in Ukraine, the continuing staggering death and injury toll from the “vaccines,” a collapsing economy and inflationary trends threatening food shortages and even threats of nuclear war.

But to make all of these events understandable and addressable, the common denominator to all of them must be uncovered – the intentional and planned agendas of the few responsible.

Recently, Alex Jones re-posted a chilling 2007 interview with “award-winning filmmaker turned freedom fighter” Aaron Russo. In addition to having run for governor in the state of Nevada, he also had close connections and personal friends within the corporate and political elite – some of the very people planning the disasters and who told him exactly what those plans were.

“They want to create a one world government run by the banks, where everybody has an ID chip implanted in them, and all money will be in those chips, and there will be no cash. We are dealing with complete evil,” he explained while citing the Federal Reserve System as the source of the evil.

Though he passed away in the same year of the interview and could have no way of knowing the current state of the world today, Russo predicted the reality of 2022 with a clarity that most living in 2022 have yet to awaken to.

Unless a significant number of people come to appreciate the magnitude of our moral crisis – and act to reverse it, expecting anything to ever be Just Right again is a fool’s expectation.

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754 – It’s party time for capitalism! | Mark Pellegrino

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Apr 142022

Co-founder of the American Capitalist Party, our guest Mark Pellegrino has set the terms from which to expand his April 7 discussion with Just Right co-host Robert Vaughan on video into today’s broadened discussion on the ideas and philosophy that drive many freedom and capitalism advocates: Objectivism.

Across various jurisdictions, the creation of political parties founded on freedom/capitalism suggests an awakening to the fundamentals underlying our political crisis. Most interestingly, many of these parties (including the American Capitalist Party) have cited the ‘Objectivist’ philosophy of Ayn Rand as a guiding light in the establishment of their own party policies.

However as one might expect, even among those inspired by Rand’s philosophy, disagreements and various interpretations of her ideas abound. Happily, these conflicting opinions actually provide a much-needed discussion of the principles and forces that drive our political zeitgeist.

In America as in Canada, there are a growing number of political parties seen to be on the ‘freedom’ side of the political polarity. Among them: various independent and libertarian parties in both countries, Ontario’s Freedom Party, Canada’s People’s Party, and of course, the American Capitalist Party.

“Libertarians reject an objective (universal) morality,” argues Mark, in citing how the American Capitalist Party differs from various libertarian parties.

In the end, which of these parties ever wins an election will depend less on their policies and platforms being Just Right, than on a majority of the voting public believing them to be right enough to support at the polls.

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