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Your donations enable us to continue to host Just Right and to purchase and maintain the necessary recording and computing equipment to produce audio programming second to none for its unique content, entertainment value, and opinions. Your donations also allow us to purchase broadcasting time on the many shortwave stations around the world and to maintain our website.


From time to time we are fortunate to meet fascinating people with interesting ideas which advance the cause of individual freedom and capitalism. In-depth interviews with these people are posted on our Youtube channel exposing the world to the creative ideas and opinions of these extraordinary minds. We also record and report on unique events not covered by the usual media outlets.

The quality of our recordings is based solely on the quality of our equipment. Your donation is an investment in new and better video cameras, microphones, computers, lighting, and editing software ensuring an enjoyable and professional-looking product worthy of our fans and the people we cover.

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We have no shortage of ideas on how to spread the word but are only able to act on these ideas as funding allows. Your sponsorship and advertising will help build Just Right Media into a long-lasting media outlet for ideas that can change our world for the better and entertain along the way.


Since we went online we have had over half a million hours of our audio programming downloaded. We have a long way to go to make Just Right a household name and a go-to destination for people looking for the intellectual ammunition needed to counter the forces of those who would destroy our freedoms. You can help with your one-time or monthly contributions.