Jordan Peterson resigns over D.I.E. | Salim Mansur

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Jan 262022

The latest variant of the Woke ideology has prompted world-renowned Professor Jordan Peterson to take early retirement from the University of Toronto and sit as Professor Emeritus at that once prestigious institution.

Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity (D.I.E.) is the new Far-Left racist policy of most universities in the English-speaking world all but ensuring that people who are not BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour) will neither graduate nor advance in academia unless they demonstrate their allegiance to this new form of irrational discrimination.

Professor Salim Mansur, who has himself been on the receiving end of attacks from the extreme Left, discusses the destruction of Western values and culture in the wake of D.I.E. with Robert Vaughan who also has a story to tell, as a former school trustee, of the insidious nature of the Far-Left ideology in the education system.

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Apr 012021

“History is made by minorities – or, more precisely, history is made by intellectual movements, which are created by minorities. Who belongs to these minorities? Anyone who is able and willing to actively concern himself with intellectual issues.” – Ayn Rand

Along with their global counterparts, Canadian politicians have become willing collaborators in a plan to establish global fascism. Leading the charge is Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, an avowed admirer of totalitarian government. As a globalist himself, Trudeau does not represent Canadians but instead represents a small group of evil individuals who have made no secret of their plans to destroy the West and all Western values.

Canadians are reliving a very familiar political pattern in history, not unlike that of the Vichy government in France during the last world war. Then, as now, the greatest weapon threatening the fascist German government was freedom of speech – and the power of the ideas being spread by those in the resistance.

“The battle of human history is fought and determined by those who are predominantly consistent, those who, for good or evil, are committed to and motivated by their chosen psycho-epistemology and its corollary view of existence,” observed Ayn Rand. Continue reading »

686 – Agenda 21 and the Great Reset

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Dec 242020

It is still beyond the average person’s ability to come to terms with what is truly happening in the world today. Even as they fall victim to them, mention the terms ‘Agenda 21’ or the ‘Great Reset,’ and most people still think that you’re talking about some kind of crazy conspiracy theory.

Ironically, they are correct, but not in the way they would like to believe. Agenda 21 is indeed based on a crazy ‘theory’ – of global fascism – and Agenda 21 is indeed a conspiracy.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that, though globalist, Agenda 21 is being implemented at the local levels of government where the various components of the ‘agenda’ are unveiled and carried out under a host of differing initiatives and programs. Continue reading »

670 – Controlling the COVID narrative – a defining moment in history

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Sep 032020

We can confidently place most of the blame for public fear and ignorance about COVID-19 squarely on the mainstream media. This has apparently become the main mission of this propaganda branch of the Left, from which the misinformation originates.

Not surprisingly, those relying on mainstream media remain utterly unaware of the gigantic anti-COVID-19 lockdown protests occurring around the world. And what’s really remarkable, given the flood of up-to-date data and observable evidence to the contrary, a significant number of people still believe that COVID-19 is something to be unusually feared, when it has already statistically proven to be far less deadly than an average flu season.

Much of the media’s misinformation campaign has been intentionally driven by the use of false definitions and fraudulent statistics. Key words and terms continually misrepresented include the following: ‘SARS CoV-2 virus,’ ‘COVID-19,’ ‘pandemic,’ ‘cases,’ ‘deaths,’ and even the word ‘mask’ itself. Thus, confusion reigns.

By far, the most abused term is ‘cases,’ a favored statistic reported daily by propagandists. The question always begs asking, ‘cases’ of what? Rarely are distinctions made between ‘cases’ of ‘COVID-19,’ or ‘cases’ of ‘SARS CoV-2’ or ‘cases’ of ‘deaths,’ or even ‘cases’ they call ‘resolved.’ And it doesn’t help when the term ‘COVID-19 cases’ is used interchangeably with ‘coronavirus cases’ or other such combinations. Confusion persists, all for the lack of definition! Continue reading »

659 – Homeschooling—when state education fails the test

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Jun 182020

The COVID-19 lockdown and school closures may have unintentionally created a golden opportunity for parents to reclaim and guide the education of their children. And considering some of the outrageous post-COVID plans for our schools, keeping those schools locked down may be preferable.

Thanks to the lockdown (and in some part because of regular teacher strikes plaguing state education), politicians and state educators have actually been encouraging parents to homeschool their children until the schools re-open – whenever that might possibly be. This is ironic, given the growing state trend to ban homeschooling, as has already been done in many European nations such as Germany.

Indeed, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet has called for a presumptive ban on homeschooling in the United States, and for the state having a similar presumptive authority over parental rights. Arguing that parents are “authoritarian,” she seems oblivious to the authoritarianism of all things state-controlled and monopolized. We can expect these collectivist ideas to frame the coming debate over parental rights as we head into the future.

“The only purpose of education,” wrote philosopher-novelist Ayn Rand, “is to teach a student how to live his life – by developing his mind and equipping him to deal with reality.” If that’s so, then state education completely fails the test. Far too many dysfunctional and illiterate ‘graduates’ of state education are not even capable of apprehending reality, let alone dealing with it.

Perhaps now is an ideal time to reconsider some of our basic assumptions and attitudes towards what is being called ‘public education’ and to also re-consider the most effective schooling alternative that long preceded compulsory state education: homeschooling.

It would be Just Right by us if more parents chose to homeschool or otherwise seek alternative schooling – even if only inspired by the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Globalism and why Johnny is a Marxist | Salim Mansur

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Apr 032020

All political and cultural movements begin with an idea. In the case of globalism, that idea is Marxism.

The educators of the Western world over the past 75 or more years have, in various ways, made the ideas of Karl Marx part of the standard curricula of our public school systems and universities. The result is that we now have a population that is significantly illiterate, unable to reason, incapable of logic, ignorant of science, and unable to think independently.

Because of this dumbing down of the West people consequently find it easy to believe that CO2 is a pollutant, that Michael Bloomberg, who spent 500 million on his campaign, could have just given every American one million dollars, and that there are 63 genders.

Salim Mansur of Western University explains the process by which Marxists have, over a period of decades, infiltrated our academies of learning and altered them into institutions of globalist indoctrination and propaganda.

(In our discussion, Salim made note of a report by Stanley Kurtz of The National Association of Scholars. That report can be found here:

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Nov 282019

Why Johnny Can't Think

Increasing illiteracy rates and decreasing rates of mastering common knowledge have become highly visible trends within education systems right across North America.

Millennials, in particular, have been identified as the least educated and most illiterate generation in recent history. However, this is not the fault of that generation, or necessarily of others similarly afflicted by illiteracy and its attendant symptoms. Most of the problem can be blamed on the education systems and the teaching trends followed by most schools across North America.

Moreover, it’s not just about ‘what’ is being taught (or not taught), but about ‘how’ it is being taught. Perhaps the most disturbing realization about what has been called ‘progressive education’ is that its teaching methods have been intentionally designed to interfere with and cripple students’ ability to reason. This is no mere accusation, but is the explicit and stated goal of the architects of progressive education.

While for most this is an unthinkable and sinister thing to do to children, to those intent on nurturing compliant and obedient followers incapable of resisting the forces of collectivism, it’s the perfectly appropriate thing to do. It is a practice that has been growing and gaining acceptance within public schools for the better part of the last century. More than any single cause, this practice is responsible for today’s shocking level of illiteracy and for the increasing number of young people who cannot reason objectively or think independently. Continue reading »