Dec 242020

It is still beyond the average person’s ability to come to terms with what is truly happening in the world today. Even as they fall victim to them, mention the terms ‘Agenda 21’ or the ‘Great Reset,’ and most people still think that you’re talking about some kind of crazy conspiracy theory.

Ironically, they are correct, but not in the way they would like to believe. Agenda 21 is indeed based on a crazy ‘theory’ – of global fascism – and Agenda 21 is indeed a conspiracy.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that, though globalist, Agenda 21 is being implemented at the local levels of government where the various components of the ‘agenda’ are unveiled and carried out under a host of differing initiatives and programs.

A perfect example of this was provided for us on December 21 when Ontario premier Doug Ford announced another province-wide lockdown citing ‘cases’ of ‘COVID-19’ as justification for his actions. In true fascist zeal, he went so far as to advise Ontarians that they should not even celebrate Christmas with their own families and loved ones in their private homes.

What most people believe to be a COVID-19 pandemic is in reality a propaganda campaign used to advance Agenda 21 and the Great Reset. Agenda 21’s stated goal is to destroy the West, an agenda made public in glaringly explicit terms over the past few decades. It is a blueprint for destruction, and its current weapon of propaganda is a pandemic that never was: COVID-19.

Back in 2012, Lord Christopher Monckton warned that Agenda 21 is real. It is an explicit plan to shut down the West, attack its energy supply, create a collapsed economic state, and to implement a “ruthless depopulation agenda.” From the wearing of masks to the lockdown of the economy to the distribution of vaccines, all of this is part of that globalist plan. Creating a COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ has been an effective distraction, far more so than fighting climate change (which is really the political means to attack the West’s energy supply).

When Doug Ford continues to announce ‘COVID case’ numbers, arbitrarily order lockdowns and wearing of masks, etc. he has become nothing more than an agent of Agenda 21. This explains why politicians of his ilk all around the world parrot the identical scripts and legislate the identical fascist rules and regulations. After all, Agenda 21 is fascism, and nothing more. And Doug Ford continues to demonstrate that he too is fascist, even if he does not understand the nature of fascism.

Making sense of the lockdowns and all of the ridiculous, irrational, immoral, and unconscionable rules and regulations requires acknowledging the Great Reset and the real agenda behind Agenda 21. Until we do, we’ll never understand the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ in a way that’s Just Right, nor be able to reject the fascism that is the real virus in our midst.

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