822 – UFO disclosures—alien threat or earthly distraction?

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Aug 032023

In light of the recent UFO disclosure hearings before the US congress, it is interesting to observe that debate over the UFO phenomenon is as divisive as any of the current political conflicts have been.

More alarmingly, the controversies surrounding UFO disclosures possess many parallels to the controversies regarding everything from the war in Ukraine to fighting climate change.

If ever there was an issue that exposes the willingness or unwillingness of people to accept a narrative purported to be true, it is the alienated issue of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and the implications of extraterrestrial intelligent life capable of advanced technology.

It’s a polarizing prospect. The nature of the issue forces a binary choice upon those hearing such narratives. Believe. Disbelieve.

Those who claim to maintain an “open mind” on the subject are often permanent skeptics rarely open about what evidence or testimony would sway them one way or the other. By default, this puts them in the “disbelieve” camp since in this context there are no third options. Alien agnosticism still means that the alien proposition has not been accepted.

For most earth-bound human beings any serious discussion about aliens and UFOs is a discussion also alien to the daily concerns of their lives. On the other hand, for those fascinated with the topic and convinced that its implications are profound, the broader lack of interest in so grand a revelation can be both frustrating and infuriating.

When it comes to UFO disclosures, many appear to be anticipating some kind of public reaction that’s Just Right, when in fact there may be no such thing.

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Nov 302022

Actions by Leftists over the years can only lead one to conclude that they are members of a death cult.

Attempts to describe the Left have generally been in economic terms: socialist, fascist, communist, Fabian, etc., but if we go back to 1969 we discover that one philosopher, Ayn Rand, described the Left in a way that stands to this day as accurate and even prophetic.

In her book The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution, which was re-released as Return of the Primitive we find an essay that compared the Left to the Greek god Dionysus—the god of insanity, frenzy, and drunkenness and the Right with the god Apollo the “averter of evil,” the god of light, truth, education, and reason.

Rand uses two events of that year, the launch of Apollo 11 and the music festival near Woodstock, to startlingly juxtapose those two elements in society which seem forever at odds with each other—man’s lofty rational nature and his baser bestial nature.

Salim Mansur joins Robert Vaughan to discuss Rand’s insight into the fundamental nature of man and, in particular, the insanity of the Left.

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Jun 102021

After decades of official denials about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) the U.S. Pentagon is expected to publicly release what it knows about this phenomenon by the end of this month. The timing of such an announcement has many people scratching their heads, particularly given the current political crisis in the U.S. and the global lockdowns.

At the heart of the issue has been the release of photos and other data about sightings of UFOs that have been called ‘tic tacs’ owing to their shapes resembling the popular candy of the same name.

For our purposes, what makes the issue particularly fascinating are the public discussions surrounding UFOs, given the vacuum of knowledge inherent in the nature of the phenomenon.

Particularly egregious was a May 27 panel discussion hosted on the Daily Wire wherein all the panelists failed to provide any credible theories or perspectives about the many issues involved. Unable to discuss the possibility of extra-terrestrials objectively, they resorted to the use of non sequitur, irrelevant equations of ‘probabilities’ and even introduced elements of the supernatural in an attempt to minimize the possibility of life not of this earth.

Should extra-terrestrials actually prove to exist, many fundamental religious and philosophical assumptions could be rendered invalid, challenged by the contradictions inherent in those beliefs that consider humanity to be utterly unique in the universe. Consequently, many fear that some kind of moral crisis could ensue leading to chaos in the social and moral order of humanity. Continue reading »

440 – Legal ease / Feminist protection racket / The gravity of gravity / Rand crater

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Feb 182016

Binary black hole

00:03 Legal ease: Christie Blatchford on feminism and the Ghomeshi trial, challenging the ‘women never lie’ myth, the Bill Cosby connection, feminist politics in the police department
16:50 Feminist protection racket: Woman first person second, Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer Marie Henein, feminist Megan Walker, protecting women from being held accountable for their actions, lawyer Phil Millar, the polarization of public opinion on Ghomeshi,
34:55 The gravity of gravity: gravity wave breakthrough, LIGO, disturbance in fabric of space-time, practicality of gravity waves, Einstein’s theory confirmed, global positioning technology
50:05 Rand’s crater: The naming of Uranus, naming the craters on Venus, public input to naming planet features, Robert’s 25-year-old submission to name a crater on Venus after Ayn Rand, Rand Crater 59:42 END

410 – Plutonian reactions / Mars attracts!

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Jul 232015



00:07 Simply astronomical! astronomical events and anniversaries, moon landings, the moon as a planet, supermoon, Einsteinian oddity, same supernova observed repeatedly, lost generation of monster stars, Asteroid day warning, threats to civilization
23:10 Plutonian reactions: New Horizons spacecraft arrives at Pluto, fastest speeds, a light comparison, significant and unexpected discoveries on Pluto, dwarf planet, universal patterns
34:22 Mars attracts! Mars One Mission to Mars, one-way mission, psychological challenges of living on Mars, space isolation and depression, mission unto death, ‘lie to fly’ culture, entertaining a two-way mission to Mars, looking ahead on human space travel
46:45 Dwarfed by significance: planetary debate about Pluto, discovery of Aires, International Astronomical Union, defining ‘planet’, dwarf planet, the sun as a planet, planetary properties, astronomically defined by the company you keep, making the definitions relevant, re-thinking ‘planet’, Pluto still a planet
1:02:20 END

387 – Bode’s flaw / Vacuous notions on vaccinations / Capitalism: the moral system

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Feb 122015

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal


00:07 Astro-logic about life on other worlds: imagining a galaxy teeming with life, Bode’s law, exo-planet systems, habitable planets in the millions, not necessarily earth-like, Bode’s flaws, stable planetary systems, habitable zones around red and yellow dwarf stars, lack of metalicity, the Goldilock’s principle
12:50 Vacuous notions on vaccinations: the anti-vaccine controversy, role of the internet, fears of vaccines as a cause of autism are unfounded, finding conspiracies in the face of contrary evidence, fallibility of science, science is self-skeptical, Kant and Plato, government and medical business
29:15 Capital schisms on capitalism: science and capitalism, conference – Capitalism in today’s society, only one form of capitalism, socialism, the mixed-economy myth, why capitalism is losing the political war against it, Adam Smith and the invisible hand
44:40 Discovery, not invention: Conrad Black’s pragmatic defense of capitalism, concealing capitalism’s definition, socialists in capitalist clothing, discovering capitalism, capitalism is a moral system – not an economic system 56:52 END

309 – Rolling Stone / Light bulb ban / Cell phone grab / Stellar dialogue zone

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Jul 182013



03:25 Un The Cover Of Rolling Stone: Rolling Stone Cover, Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, musician’s lament, David Michael Draiman, glorifying violence, polarization, low voter turnout, civility in politics, what we decide matters, voting reform, voting on line, disagreement is part of politics, party politicians, killing the debate through unity, democracy vs majority rule
18:28 No IncandeSense: 2014 federal incandescent bulb ban, stockpiling light bulbs, Green Energy Act, rationing electricity, London Free Press a disservice to readers, the public record, London West byelection, Al Gretzky, London Free Press poll, a brief history of Toronto’s Casa Loma, Sir Henry Pellatt, federal NDP, Thomas Mulcair, Quebec train disaster, Lac Megantic, regulating in the public interest, no tragedy should go to waste
32:10 A Phone-y Issue: emergency phone system – 999, phones are a distraction, distracted drivers, cell phone bans, Stephen Orser, Ali Chahbar, object of distraction: electronic communication or entertainment device, subject of behaviour: drivers, no due process of law, statutory misbehaviour, more police powers no answer
47:10 Exoplanets: Any Life Signs? earth-like planets, Gliese 667 Cc, exoplanets, knowledge is existence, a discovery happens only once, Pluto is still a planet, planet types: rocky gas dwarf, only 22 light years from earth, interstellar communication, ESI Earth similarity index, alien life signs, Robert’s Dialogue Zone, stellar communication zone is 30 light years 58:32 END