Jul 182013



03:25 Un The Cover Of Rolling Stone: Rolling Stone Cover, Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, musician’s lament, David Michael Draiman, glorifying violence, polarization, low voter turnout, civility in politics, what we decide matters, voting reform, voting on line, disagreement is part of politics, party politicians, killing the debate through unity, democracy vs majority rule
18:28 No IncandeSense: 2014 federal incandescent bulb ban, stockpiling light bulbs, Green Energy Act, rationing electricity, London Free Press a disservice to readers, the public record, London West byelection, Al Gretzky, London Free Press poll, a brief history of Toronto’s Casa Loma, Sir Henry Pellatt, federal NDP, Thomas Mulcair, Quebec train disaster, Lac Megantic, regulating in the public interest, no tragedy should go to waste
32:10 A Phone-y Issue: emergency phone system – 999, phones are a distraction, distracted drivers, cell phone bans, Stephen Orser, Ali Chahbar, object of distraction: electronic communication or entertainment device, subject of behaviour: drivers, no due process of law, statutory misbehaviour, more police powers no answer
47:10 Exoplanets: Any Life Signs? earth-like planets, Gliese 667 Cc, exoplanets, knowledge is existence, a discovery happens only once, Pluto is still a planet, planet types: rocky gas dwarf, only 22 light years from earth, interstellar communication, ESI Earth similarity index, alien life signs, Robert’s Dialogue Zone, stellar communication zone is 30 light years 58:32 END

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