Feb 112024

When the International Court of Justice (ICJ) announced that it found it “plausible” that Israel is violating the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, many immediately drew parallels to the Holocaust, suggesting that Israel’s actions were akin to the treatment of Jews under Nazi Germany.

However, this interpretation is not accurate. The common understanding of “genocide” as the “systematic extermination” of a group of people does not align with the definition in the UN’s Convention, nor is it the definition under scrutiny by the ICJ.

In UN law, “genocide” encompasses a broad range of actions, including killing any number of people in a defined group, even a single person, or causing serious mental harm to a member of the group. This expansive definition implies that nations involved in any conflict, anywhere, at any time could potentially face allegations of “genocide.”

Professor Salim Mansur from Western University joins us to explore the implications of the ICJ’s provisional decision and its potential impact on the very existence of the state of Israel.

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Anti-Semitism—The origins of an ancient hatred | Irving Weisdorf

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Dec 282023

The Oct 7th, 2023 atrocities committed on Israeli civilians by Gaza’s Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) prompted widespread expression of sympathy towards the people of Israel. However, as Israel responded to this act of terrorism to bring Hamas and its supporters to justice, the narrative quickly shifted to a surge of anti-Semitism.

In a candid conversation, Jewish-Canadian businessman Irving Weisdorf and Robert Vaughan delve into the origins of anti-Semitism, the historical context leading to the establishment of the state of Israel, and the complex dynamics of the insatiable animosity held by many Arab Palestinians towards their Jewish neighbours.

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Nov 222023

Bin Laden

Following the Oct 7th Hamas Massacre in Israel, there has been an increase in awareness among many young people about Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America,” a manifesto which was published 14 months after the 9/11 attacks on America.

Most of these young individuals were too young to recall the events of that day, which occurred 22 years ago. Indeed, many were not even born. In a sense, they might be forgiven for their ignorance of Bin Laden’s encyclical and the surrounding causes and effects of Al Qaeda’s actions. However, upon learning about why bin Laden killed almost 3,000 civilians, it should be clear to most with a conscience, that there is no justification for his heinous deeds.

In his lengthy missive, Bin Laden addresses two main questions: why he attacked and what he expects Americans to do in response. He claims that America attacked first, referring to the United States’ ongoing military engagements—the so-called Forever War. This constant interference in the affairs of other nations, unrelated to America’s existential concerns, serves primarily to sustain the Military Industrial Complex. For those shocked by the revelations on platforms like TikTok, this should serve as a wake-up call.

Bin Laden’s answer to the second question is straightforward: submit to Islam or face death. In this episode, we delve into the perplexing reactions of young Americans who are only now awakening to history and discovering the malevolence within the minds of Islamists willing to kill men, women, and children for their beliefs. As Bin Laden chillingly stated, “(We) desire death more than you desire life.

This chilling admission from a mass murderer in his Ex Post Facto Manifesto is no different from the manifestos left behind by others seeking redress for perceived wrongs through violence.

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832 – Perpetual wars—perpetual denials

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Oct 122023

“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” – George Orwell

Over the past week, the world’s attention has been shifted from the “war” in Ukraine to a “war” in Israel. In a matter of days, everyone’s attention shifted from the previous week’s frenzy about Canada, Russia, Ukraine and the Nazis in our midst (including Jewish Nazis), to yet another event calculated to engender global sympathy for Israel and the Jewish people.

What is happening in Israel today is directly connected to events in Ukraine; any attempt to isolate one event from the other is to fail to understand that World War III is already well under way.

“Distant history will view all of these wars as nuances, concluding that Wars I, II, and III were really one catastrophic conflict with time out for rearmament and recruitment,” suggests Bill Whittle in his recent review of wars past and present.

War is not the greatest evil to fear. It is the condition of tyranny that results when collectivism rules instead of individualism, which has been the default condition under which most of humanity has lived since the beginning of recorded history.

It is a sad reality of history that the number of people killed in wars fought against foreign enemies is utterly dwarfed when compared to the number of people killed, murdered, and enslaved by their own rulers and governments. In this context, wars are mere flash points of a given tyranny running into resistance, more often from another tyranny than from any popular or democratic resistance. Hence, perpetual wars.

In the Western nations, tyrannies have been hastened with the consent of the people, a consent that does not necessarily mean agreement or support – just cooperation and compliance.

Too many have failed to resist or to speak out against a growing tyranny when the opportunity still exists. In the classic “I see nothing – I hear nothing – I know nothing” expression of denial popularized in the 1960s television series Hogan’s Heroes, most “say nothing” – even in the face of outrageous injustices and horrors.

Despite this, governments are doing all they can to silence the few voices that dare to speak out in an effort to prevent those voices from being heard by others. The antidote to tyranny, and therefore to war, is to ensure that a critical mass of people “see something, hear something, and know something” that is Just Right – and then act accordingly.

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827 – At the tipping point—toward the rise or fall of America

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Sep 072023

There is a growing chorus of voices throughout the social media community that is warning of an imminent collapse of Western civilization.

Given the dystopian zeitgeist, it is difficult to avoid such a conclusion. We appear to have reached a tipping point, where open discussion is taking place about the probability of an assassination attempt on Donald Trump, the probability of a nuclear exchange between America and Russia, and the probability of censorship on a scale unprecedented.

Among the dystopian predictions is one concerning a “cyber attack,” including a complete shut down of the internet. This has sparked a discussion about the need for a return to “offline” media, including AM radio and short wave broadcasting.

“The future is offline,” recently predicted Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai – a significant prediction given that it was made by a U.S. presidential candidate and inventor of e-mail.

But the predictions are not all apocalyptic. Some hold promise, especially if considered “conspiracy theories” by the Left and the deep state. Most glaringly, the Left’s obsession with “Qanon” tempts us to comment “Methinks they doth protest too much…”

Meanwhile, General Michael Flynn has warned of a potential cyber attack, explaining how truly vulnerable the web is, and how easily the government can control it. For those seeking the facts and truth during such an event, access to alternative means of communication like short wave is among the recommended options.

Predicting which of the many apocalyptic predictions will prove to be Just Right is never a certainty, but it’s worth knowing that some predictions paint a future that is not dark, but bright.

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826 – Nuclear consequences—behind the Manhattan Project | Salim Mansur

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Aug 312023

History can be described as “the consequences of consequences” suggests our guest, Salim Mansur. Consequently, like any science, history too is never “settled.”

Nothing could illustrate this principle more clearly than Salim’s latest analysis of the history behind America’s irrational hatred of all things Russian, which startlingly has a direct connection to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War 2.

Harry Truman’s decision to use nuclear weapons in Japan came on the heels of their successful development made possible by the Manhattan Project. The bombing of Hiroshima marked the break in America’s wartime alliance with Russia, instantly converting an ally into an enemy, argues Salim. It was also the “first shot taken in the cold war.”

It is a chilling account of the development of what has been called the “deep state” and of the military-industrial-complex with which it is associated. The Manhattan Project was itself evidence of a deep state already deeply entrenched, though then, as with revelations about today’s deep state, its existence was unknown – even to some of the highest officials in the country.

The great tragedy behind the bombings of Japan is that they were known at the time to be militarily unnecessary, and were sadly motivated by the Truman administration’s political considerations concerning America’s future relationship with Russia.

During his previous discussion on Just Right, Salim warned that a disinterest in history is a symptom of a nihilistic society since a culture or nation without a past cannot steer itself to a better future.

As if to illustrate this truth, his latest journey down the “rabbit hole” of history surrounding the Manhattan Project, the bombing of Japan, and America’s anti-Russian obsession, has revealed a world that today is close to repeating a tragic historical consequence far from being Just Right.

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Truman, the atomic bomb, and the rise of the Deep State | Salim Mansur

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Aug 292023

It was President Trump who called them the “Deep State,” that “fourth branch of government,” which acts in secret, furthering its own aims, led by the Neo-Cons and attached by the hip to the CIA and other alphabet agencies. President Eisenhower warned us about them. To him, they were the “Military-Industrial Complex.” However, it was under President Harry S. Truman, Eisenhower’s predecessor, that the Deep State was conceived, as our guest Professor Salim Mansur of Western University in London, Ontario, states.

“Ukraine, the most corrupt country in the world, is a laundromat for the Military-Industrial Complex in America. How did this happen? It didn’t happen overnight. The derailment began with a decision by Truman.”

In an article titled “Revisiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki: the path not taken,” published on Salim’s Substack (salimmansur.substack.com), he clearly lays out the argument that Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, and keeping his ally, the Soviet Union, in the dark about it, set into motion diplomatic actions that resulted in the Cold War and the animosity which America still feels towards Russia 78 years later. It is an irrational hatred which has led to the current proxy war in Ukraine. A war, it should be mentioned, where more Ukrainian soldiers have died in the past year and a half than all of the American servicemen who died in both theaters of WWII.

Join Salim and Robert for a fascinating look at the history of the birth of Deep State and the Forever Wars of the United States.

This video is also available on YouTube and BitChute and Odysee.

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