768 – A new clear vision—of nuclear war

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Jul 212022

New York City’s recent “Nuclear Preparedness Public Service Announcement” sounded a lot like the city’s Covid one: don’t ask questions, stay inside, and trust public officials.

The announcement itself is a nuclear event, not only due to the nature of its warning, but because everything about it suggests another control agenda about to be imposed upon the American people.

And just as the public’s general ignorance about Covid, viruses, and climate matters has been used against them in advancing a Globalist agenda, so too, we can expect the public’s general ignorance about surviving a nuclear event to be used against them.

That’s why it is essential to know a few basic facts about the realities of any nuclear threat. Armed with valid knowledge, one becomes empowered to resist or counter any fake news or propaganda intended to create hysteria and panic.

No matter how you look at it, one thing is certain. Whenever governments tell us not to ask questions and to trust public officials, we have all the evidence we need to know that things are as far from being Just Right as they can get.

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Ukraine—Neocon’s war against Russia | Salim Mansur

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Jul 022022

Since the end of WWII, a number of international laws and treaties have been created among nations to allow for a more peaceful, if not orderly world. Albeit with many exceptions, these rules of conduct have served the world well. We have enjoyed an extended period of relative peace and have avoided another world war. This sense of security seems to be coming to an end as the West now faces possible military engagement with both Russia in Ukraine and Communist China in Taiwan.

How did we arrive at this point? Since at least the 1960s plans have been formulated and implemented to pave the way for a one-world government led by the United States in a grand hegemony of tyranny marked by corruption, censorship, the surveillance state, and Malthusian population control.

We were warned that this might happen by Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy who, while not knowing precisely what form these nefarious plans might take, knew that it was a distinct possibility that the Military-Industrial Complex could be used with evil intent and on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas we discovered just how patently evil these people could be.

It is no longer a secret that there is a cabal of advisors orchestrating successive military campaigns throughout the globe of which Ukraine is but the latest.

The greatest opposition the cabal faces in its grand scheme is from countries like Russia which stubbornly adheres to a historic sense of national pride and which warned that it would not tolerate any attempts to alter that perspective.

In a direct challenge to any who would oppose them we have seen callous rogues like Johnson, the Bushes, Clinton, Obama, and a group of neoconservative policy advisors, take that once moral and enviable of nations, the United States of America, and transform it into a juggernaut of death and destruction.

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Canada First—A concept foreign to Canada’s foreign policy | Salim Mansur

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May 242022

Since Confederation Canada’s policies regarding war have always been as a follower; a follower of Mother Britain (Boer War, WWI, WWII), a follower of the United States (Avro Arrow, Bomarc Missile) and a follower of the United Nations (Korea, Cyprus, Rwanda, Balkans…).

During those times it did not join the US in battle—Vietnam and the second Gulf War—it had been because such actions were not sanctioned by the UN.

The current conflict in Ukraine only demonstrates, once again, that Canada does not have a foreign policy which benefits Canadians. Rather, its position is crafted to ingratiate itself to its betters in the United Nations.

In this discussion, Professor Salim Mansur explains that Canada has been living in a globalist fog which prevents it from asserting its own best interests in foreign affairs and from having a “Canada First” foreign policy. Worse, as a “post-national state” without a “core identity” as Justin Trudeau has described Canada, it has no concept of what its national interests even are.

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May 052022

During his tour of Canada’s Maritime Provinces, I was honoured to have a conversation with People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier.

Maxime is perhaps the only Western politician calling for peace and prosperity in Ukraine and asks that the two warring parties continue negotiations to end the conflict.

We also talked about the effectiveness of Canada’s Senate in revoking the Emergencies Act, the defunding of the CBC and an end to all subsidies to media including advertising funds, the irrationality of Justin Trudeau’s and Jagmeet Singh’s measures on travel for those not “vaccinated,” and the prospect for the publishing of his book “Doing Politics Differently.”

This video is also available on Rumble.

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749 – Shattered Truths—from Covid to Ukraine

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Mar 102022

What do Covid-19, mandated vaccinations, rotating lockdowns, the stolen US election, coronavirus, bio-labs, genetic engineering, Russia, NATO, inflation, the Canadian and American Truckers’ convoy, the millions of adverse reactions to the mandated injections, mask mandates, climate change, censorship and the crisis in Ukraine all have in common?

On all these issues, the so-called ‘mainstream media’ has been relentlessly creating confusion and distrust in an effort to keep the public from recognizing the real nature of the threat: Globalism and the Great Re-set.

In addition to their steady stream of propaganda of lies and disinformation, globalists have been forced to resort to censorship and other instruments of tyranny to achieve their objectives. There are so many seemingly separate issues to disentangle from one another that the task seems insurmountable.

As each of the globalist narratives begins to crumble, doubt begins to enter the minds of those who originally believed them. And when one’s ‘truth’ has been shattered, a very personal crisis ensues. That’s because a ‘shattered truth’ can only be shattered through one’s own discovery and acknowledgement that some ‘other’ truth exists – a narrative that differs from the previously held belief.

The personal crisis ends when one can see the truth in a light that’s Just Right, even when the truth reveals an uncomfortable reality that isn’t right in any way.

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War in Ukraine—Thucydides, Solzhenitsyn, and Lincoln

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Mar 052022

Both Russia and Ukraine have refused to learn the lessons from history and, as a consequence, they are repeating the mistakes of the past.

Our guest, Salim Mansur likens Ukraine to the tiny island of Milos during the Peloponnesian Wars. The rulers of Milos were given the chance, under insurmountable odds, to pay deference to the superior force of mighty Athens and choose life for its people. They chose death.

As for Russia, the historical lesson is how great leaders facing division among their people in the aftermath of war choose to heal those divisions, reconcile differences, and do those things necessary to avoid further conflict. Abraham Lincoln was one such leader. After a bloody civil war and a nation divided. He healed the wounds of war, united North and South spiritually and laid the groundwork for the United States to become a beacon of hope for the world.

As Salim points out, Putin is no Lincoln but after the breakup of the Soviet Union, the opportunity for reconciliation with the former Warsaw Pact nations and the rest of the world including Ukraine still exists.

On the side of the West, Biden is a walking demonstration of the rottenness that is inside America and the rest of the Western world. It remains to Putin to rise to the occasion and learn from the lessons of history.

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War in Ukraine | Putin’s defense against globalism and the Great Reset

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Feb 272022

Any student of history knows that when tanks start crossing borders we are witnessing not the opening move on the chessboard but only one in a long sequence of moves that have reached the point we normally call war. The current conflict in Ukraine is no exception to this.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 most former Warsaw Pact countries rejected communism and the ruling elites of Moscow. They embraced their status as independent nation-states. Ironically, since that time, most Western countries have moved towards a borderless world of international socialism led by a cabal of elites in Washington, Brussels, and Davos.

The past two decades have seen Ukraine used by oligarchs and the corrupt American administrations of Clinton and Obama as their own little playground for money laundering and personal financial gain at the expense of the innocent civilians of that country. It is against this backdrop of foreign interference into the internal politics of Ukraine, coupled with the dangerous push to expand NATO alliances into the backyard of Moscow we enter this phase of what is, when taken in the broader context of history, a worldwide ideological conflict of globalism versus nationalism.

We can add to this volatile mix globalist toadies like Justin Trudeau and Canada’s Deputy Prime Minster Christia Freeland honking the horn of the Great Reset juggernaut calling the world to arms against Russia, which, as Professor Mansur explains, is one of the few remaining European nations protecting itself from the advancing New World Order.

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