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Jul 132024

The poem “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats begins with the lines, “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; / Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” These verses are particularly apt in light of the recent French National Assembly elections, where President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party suffered a significant defeat. As Professor Salim Mansur observes, “They have turned against the Center.”

The historical ties between France and Canada are profound, dating back to the era of Samuel de Champlain. Approximately one quarter of Canadians trace their ancestry to France, and Canada has fought two world wars on French soil. The two nations share an intricate and intertwined history.

In light of this historical context, it is crucial to examine the recent French election results, which saw Macron’s Centrist Ensemble fall to second place, while the Leftist New Popular Front and the Rightist National Rally gained ground.

Macron’s party faced a massive defeat as the French grew weary of both a globalist agenda and an increasing immigrant population. The New Popular Front addressed the globalist agenda in a manner reminiscent of Charles de Gaulle, rejecting the machinations of a Europe that would entangle them in a conflict with Russia. Meanwhile, the National Rally, led by Marine Le Pen, focused on the issue of immigration.

Salim and Robert discuss the election results, which, contrary to the beliefs of many on the Right, are not entirely negative when viewed in full context amidst the looming backdrop of war.

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Jun 042024

“One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” ~ Stalin

The callousness of Stalin’s treatment of his countrymen is infamous. One might assume that such disdain for human life would be an isolated historical incident. However, enduring the events of recent years, we have witnessed a level of carnage rivaling the scale of the Soviet Union’s purges and pogroms.

The data on all-cause mortality now available reveals that there was no COVID-19 pandemic. It was, in fact, a complete fabrication. Instead of the feared “curve” or upsurge in hospital admissions overwhelming the “system,” we saw doctors and nurses gleefully performing choreographed dance routines in the empty corridors and wards of vacant hospitals.

Just as the data surrounding the COVID-19 deaths was suspect, so too are the statistics concerning just how many people died or were severely crippled and otherwise injured from the injection of an experimental mRNA into their system to create a toxic spike protein.

By the Canadian government’s own admission, these are the results of vaccine injuries (excluding Quebec which has its own reporting and compensation system):
Total adverse events: 58,712 (as of Jan 5, 2024)
Non-serious: 47,010
Serious: 11,702
Deaths: 488 (although they claim only 4 were causally related to the COVID-19 injections)

Each injury represents a tragedy. The tens of thousands injured? Well, that’s just a statistic.

With the pall of fear hanging over the heads of healthcare professional who dare to question the doctrine of their guilds these statistics should be considered to be a pale reflection of the actual carnage inflicted on us by those responsible.

In November of 2023 the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) released its report on the overreach by governments in response to “the pandemic that never was.” It’s conclusions are damning, and its documentation and archiving of some of the stories of Canadians adversely affected by the “pandemic” are monumental.

Ches Crosbie, a Newfoundland lawyer and former Leader of that province’s official opposition (2018-2021), played a key role in administrating the NCI. His experience makes him uniquely qualified, indeed an expert, in understanding how COVID-19 and the government’s response to it injured and even killed Canadians.

In his concluding words in this discussion with Just Right Media’s Robert Vaughan, Crosbie states:
“The reality is, I’m convinced, that modern societies, our society, is not susceptible to pandemics. That’s the one lie that underlies all the other lies. That we are subject to pandemics at all is the greatest lie and anyone who advances a platform—news, advice, recommends vaccines—they need to go into the category of extreme suspicion because they’re trying to sell you something based on fear and a fear which is wholly unjustified. Watch out for the purveyors of fear. They are probably lying.”

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Defending Israel | Jacob Peretz

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Mar 292024

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has sparked intense debate worldwide, especially now that Israel stands accused before the International Court of Justice on the charge of committing genocide. It is crucial to approach this issue with a well-informed perspective, considering the historical context, the motivations of the involved factions, and the underlying values that drive their actions.

While a comprehensive understanding of the history of the region is necessary to comprehend the current situation and the motivations behind the actions of the factions involved, history alone does not provide a moral compass. It is essential to consider the values that drive the actions of both Israel and Hamas. These values, whether they be peace, religious beliefs, or the pursuit of a promised afterlife, are crucial in understanding the conflict at a deeper level.

Values are a fundamental aspect of human existence, shaping our actions and beliefs. Understanding the values held by Israel and Arab Palestinians is essential to understanding their motivations and aspirations. By examining the values that drive these factions, we can gain insight into their perspectives and potentially find common ground for a resolution, if such a resolution is even possible.

To further explore the values and motivations behind the conflict, we have invited Jacob Peretz, an Israeli-Canadian businessman and veteran of the 1973 Yom Kippur War (or Ramadan War from the Arab perspective), to give us the benefit of his experience. As a firsthand witness to the decades-old conflict, Mr. Peretz can provide significant insights into the values that drove him to risk his life and the broader motivations of the Israeli people.

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Israel—Beyond the pale

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Mar 182024

From the 19th-century Pale of Settlement, to the writings of Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, to the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, Professor Salim Mansur and Robert Vaughan delve into the significance of Zionism’s history and the establishment of Israel in comprehending contemporary events in the Middle East.

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On the record—Canada’s tyrannical response to COVID-19 | Ches Crosbie—National Citizens Inquiry

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Feb 192024

The COVID-19 pandemic plunged Canada into a culture of fear and panic, marked by egregious violations of individual rights not seen since times of war. One might assume that the federal and provincial governments would have faced opposition to their unjustified and tyrannical measures aimed at curbing the spread of what amounted to nothing more than a severe flu. However, they did not. Instead, all of “officialdom” supported the measures taken, and anyone who questioned those measures were tormented, canceled, and vilified. Some were even beaten, arrested, and imprisoned.

In turbulent times Canadians normally turn to the mainstream media to pose challenging questions regarding the actions of government, pursue a balanced approach to the available “expert” information, and at the very least document the experiences of Canadians. Not this time. The mainstream media, receiving funding by the federal government since 2019, completely failed Canadians. No probing questions were asked, no alternative opinions were offered, and the negative effects of government actions were ignored. Some legacy media outlets even stooped to inciting hatred and encouraging Canadians to turn on those who did not share the official narrative.

With the lack of responsibility and probity on the part of Canadian officials, institutions, and media, it fell to the People themselves to document the effects of the government’s overreach and offer solutions.

The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) marked a first for Canada. Citizen-led and funded it traversed the county gathering the heartbreaking stories of 305 victims, the testimony of 94 experts in law and medicine, and over 76,000 signatures on a petition of support.

Ches Crosbie, a Canadian Lawyer and spokesman for the NCI, joins Robert Vaughan to discuss some of the recommendations of the NCI’s final report: Inquiry into the Appropriateness and Efficacy of the COVID-19 Response in Canada, released November 28, 2023, and the disregard of the report by those who would benefit most from its findings.

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A serious conversation—Tucker Carlson’s Vladimir Putin interview

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Feb 132024

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin did not reveal groundbreaking insights into the leader or his policies to those of us who have been closely monitoring events in that region. However, it did bring to light previously overlooked facts to hundreds of millions, courtesy of a journalist committed to honesty, in stark contrast to the West’s dismissive yellow press.

In this insightful discussion, Professor Emeritus, Salim Mansur and Robert Vaughan delve into the interview’s implications, exploring its impact on a global audience that is typically shielded from the truth but now finds itself unexpectedly confronted with reality, thanks to a journalist who values integrity.

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Feb 112024

When the International Court of Justice (ICJ) announced that it found it “plausible” that Israel is violating the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, many immediately drew parallels to the Holocaust, suggesting that Israel’s actions were akin to the treatment of Jews under Nazi Germany.

However, this interpretation is not accurate. The common understanding of “genocide” as the “systematic extermination” of a group of people does not align with the definition in the UN’s Convention, nor is it the definition under scrutiny by the ICJ.

In UN law, “genocide” encompasses a broad range of actions, including killing any number of people in a defined group, even a single person, or causing serious mental harm to a member of the group. This expansive definition implies that nations involved in any conflict, anywhere, at any time could potentially face allegations of “genocide.”

Professor Salim Mansur from Western University joins us to explore the implications of the ICJ’s provisional decision and its potential impact on the very existence of the state of Israel.

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