DMS 040 – The joke is on us

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Dec 162018

Social justice warriors were clearly on the warpath at the Women in Entertainment gala earlier this month when comedienne Hanna Gadsby delivered a rousing speech defining her subjective boundaries of morality along gender and racial lines.

We are judged by what we find funny, begins Danielle, and cites the recent controversy surrounding comedian Kevin Hart. In 2010, Hart performed a stand-up routine about his personal discomfort at the prospect of being able to relate to his young son, should his son turn out to be gay. Not offensive by any means, nor considered so by anyone in 2010, it nevertheless became grounds enough for Hart to have to step down from hosting the upcoming Oscars. In today’s world of political correctness, Hart’s 2010 performance is considered anti-gay.

Comedy was once considered ‘the’ so-called ‘safe space’ for free speech – a refuge open to both testing and stretching the envelope of acceptable discourse and observation through the safety of humor. But today’s mainstream comedy has become a litany of political correctness and virtue signaling. Continue reading »

Aug 122018

No matter its legal status, abortion continues to generate a polarized debate that will never be aborted. Which ‘right’ is the valid right? The ‘right’ to an abortion or the ‘right’ to life? Given polarized views of life, death, and individual rights – the abortion controversy is perpetual.

Whatever one’s view on the subject, the idea of ‘celebrating’ abortion as one might celebrate life has forced the issue back into the spotlight. In a skit that has arguably ‘crossed the line,’ comedienne Michelle Wolf’s recent ‘celebration of abortion’ (The Break / Netflix) was not particularly funny in the view of many.

Wolf’s skit reflects the Left’s nihilistic view of life, suggest Danielle and Robert in their consideration of the moral and ethical issues involved: “normalizing abortion by making it heroic.”

Calls for the outright prohibition of abortion have long been associated with the Right, particularly since those calls have been seen to originate from the so-called ‘social’ conservatives. In contrast, ‘fiscal’ and ‘pragmatic’ conservatives prefer to leave the abortion issue off the political table entirely – while ‘progressive’ conservatives would fully support a Leftist agenda. Continue reading »

373 – Choice or freedom? / Guest: Scott Williams-Oakes – Pushing the comedy envelope / A fool’s occupation

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Oct 232014

Lenny Bruce


00:07 Choice – or freedom of choice? Ottawa terrorist attack, it’s just right to prevent the threat to democracy, the way the world has been going lately, radicalized opinions, democracy’s objective is freedom, voter threats to Western civilization, trading freedom for security, growing dissatisfaction with government, we the people, John Macmurray, freedom-dignity-responsibility, Listen Little Man by Wilhelm Reich, two kinds of people, the emotional plague, voter distrust of each other, hope springs from understanding, confusing freedom of choice with choice
15:32 A plague on democracy: understanding vs belief, God, trickery in favour of truth, petty misdeeds, on the side of the persecutors, aiming at the truth, the public as dictator, rising from the mass into individuality, the process of individualization, democracy is no guarantee of freedom, Wilhelm Reich on humour, the joke’s on us
26:40 GUEST – Scott Williams-Oakes: October-Jest 2, London’s re-emerging comedy scene, for mature audiences, politically incorrect comedy, costume contest, comedy vs fear, the late great dead comedians, rise of social media, fake apologies, freedom of speech
41:24 Comedy is the fool’s occupation: Smothers Brothers, heroes of comedy, court jester, acting the fool, Lenny Bruce, breaking the obscenity envelope, Don Rickles, kernel of truth, too soon escape clause, cold war comedy, poking fun at sacred cows, All In The Family, Sanford and Son, Soap, late-night comedy 52:04 END

321 – Star Trek: Kahn game / Fall TV lineup / Where The Heart Is

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Oct 112013

Where the Heart is


00:07 Kahn Game – Star Trek’s Parallel Uni Verse: Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), a Star Trek reincarnation, casting, Wrath of Kahn Two?, parallel themes, searching for the romantic Star Trek; [11:05] 2013 new TV show review: poor casting in Agent of SHIELD, looking for heroes, two thumbs up for The Crazy Ones, Robin Williams’ reputation is his challenge, beef with McDonald’s
17:10 Your Fall Season TV Guys: TV show review: no to The Goldbergs’ narration style, Mom’s edgy humour, Dads with Seth Green and Martin Mull, Super Fun Night’s zany chemistry works, campy Atlantis with Greek gods and minotaurs, Hello Ladies funny, Witches of East End worth a look, Sleepy Hollow enjoyable
29:40 Capitalism Is Where The Art Is: Movie Review: Where The Heart Is (1990), a celebration of art and capitalism, profit and loss, adversity and failure, art, beauty, plot overview, Roger Ebert’s 1.5 out of 4 unreasonable criticism of reasonable characters, romantic art, light and truth
53:21 End Program: TV cancellations, sudden endings to favourite TV shows, binge watching in self defense, time invested in Under the Dome, Lucky Seven cancelled, two (what?s) up for Masters of Sex, writers ‘ strike block: Moonlight, Drive, Eastwick, Invasion, Back To You 1:00:02 END


231 – It’s a not so wonderful life – when lived for others / Limericks

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Dec 222011


It’s A Not-So-Wonderful Life – When Lived For Others
Those Daring Thumbnails Of Poetry: Limericks
– Just Right is the name of our show,
– And for this year, it’s now time to go.
—– We trust you’ll return
—– In the new year, to learn
– About freedom, about life, and what’s so.