Aug 122018

No matter its legal status, abortion continues to generate a polarized debate that will never be aborted. Which ‘right’ is the valid right? The ‘right’ to an abortion or the ‘right’ to life? Given polarized views of life, death, and individual rights – the abortion controversy is perpetual.

Whatever one’s view on the subject, the idea of ‘celebrating’ abortion as one might celebrate life has forced the issue back into the spotlight. In a skit that has arguably ‘crossed the line,’ comedienne Michelle Wolf’s recent ‘celebration of abortion’ (The Break / Netflix) was not particularly funny in the view of many.

Wolf’s skit reflects the Left’s nihilistic view of life, suggest Danielle and Robert in their consideration of the moral and ethical issues involved: “normalizing abortion by making it heroic.”

Calls for the outright prohibition of abortion have long been associated with the Right, particularly since those calls have been seen to originate from the so-called ‘social’ conservatives. In contrast, ‘fiscal’ and ‘pragmatic’ conservatives prefer to leave the abortion issue off the political table entirely – while ‘progressive’ conservatives would fully support a Leftist agenda.

To the Left, “keep abortion free” is generally a call for government to provide free abortions on demand – paid for by taxpayers who have no freedom in the matter.

Though rarely heard from conservatives, to the Right, “keep abortion free” would properly represent a call to keep personal decisions about abortion free from ‘political’ interference – not free from objective laws otherwise established to enforce standards of individual responsibility in such matters. That very distinction is the key to resolving many of the issues surrounding the reality of abortion in a way that is Just Right.

Post Script: On August 17th, after only three months, Neflix cancelled Michelle Wolf’s television show or, as a poster on Twitter said, “aborted in the first trimester.” Now that’s cause for celebration.

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  1. Abortion is the deliberate killing of a live human being.

    I have communicated with a fetus. If you want details, ask.

    Frank Gue
    Professional Engineer.

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