801 – Conservatively speaking | Maxime Bernier

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Mar 092023

In the wake of his unconscionable and unfounded public statement alleging that European Parliamentarian Christine Anderson‘s views are racist and hateful, Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Pierre Poilievre effectively demonstrated that his is a party of the Left.

The mere fact of resorting to name calling and brandishing the collectivist label of “racist” against a principled politician visiting Canada from abroad – without having a shred of evidence or grounds to make such a statement – is a hallmark tactic of the Left.
As was the public rebuke of his three CPC members of parliament who dared to associate with Anderson.

In stark contrast to the actions of Poilievre, our guest Maxime Bernier has openly welcomed hearing what Christine Anderson has to say. As an advocate of freedom and an enemy of tyranny, Anderson’s philosophy is the opposite of the CPC’s, a sad reality openly hidden from view thanks to the word “conservative” appearing in the party’s name.

Indeed, as leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) Maxime is reconsidering his past use of the term “conservative” as one of the adjectives describing the PPC. Thanks to the likes of Pierre Poilievre and his unprincipled CPC, the term “conservative” can no longer be associated with the Right nor with the freedom and individualism that the Right represents.

And thanks to the latest actions of Pierre Poilievre, yet another nail in the coffin of conservatism has been hammered into the minds of Canadians everywhere. More significantly, we now know that when Maxime Bernier first judged the CPC to be “morally and intellectually corrupt” he was Just Right from the very beginning.

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698 – Speaking conservatively about conservatives and freedom | Salim Mansur

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Mar 182021

The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) is nowhere to be seen on the freedom front. Yet, freedom-loving conservatives repeatedly vote for – and are routinely disappointed by – this party that has ever moved Leftward and is now virtually indistinguishable from the Liberal Party of Canada.

“Are conservatives stupid?” That’s just one of the uncomfortable questions fielded by our ‘conservative’ guest Salim Mansur, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Western Ontario.

At a time when the coronavirus tyranny continues unabated, massive protests against lockdowns and other controls on personal association similarly continue unabated. But these protests are being directed against the very politicians and political parties keeping everyone locked down – namely, every party in parliament.

Having no effective representation on the political front, the voices of freedom may be heard, but not heeded, and are indeed condemned. As the official opposition in Canada, the CPC has offered no opposition to the Liberal fascist agenda, despite the party’s name. And with the word ‘conservative’ in the party name, who can blame unsuspecting conservative initiates from voting for ‘their’ party? Continue reading »

The Conservative Party of Canada—Enemy of freedom | Salim Mansur

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Mar 082021

“Conservatism is based on the writings of Edmund Burke and his American defender, Russell Kirk, and is not an ideology but an attitude towards life and politics, a state of mind or thinking, a manner of living, a commitment to an ideal that is rooted in history, a respect for tradition and faith and community on the basis of accepting that there is sacredness in life and living which transcends an individual in his time and place and, therefore, continuity of institutions through which public life is mediated is important and from this, it follows that while change is a given as part of nature and is natural conservatives do not make of change a fetish to be sought or desired for the sake of change.” ~ Salim Mansur

With this definition of conservatism as a foundation, Professor Salim Mansur demonstrates, in his conversation with Just Right Media’s Robert Vaughan, that the Conservative Party of Canada has, at least since Prime Minister R.B Bennett in the 1930s, not been an organization created to defend individual liberty and the ideals of conservatism, but rather a political machine that has usurped the name of conservatism and acted as a firewall to individual freedom.

The sweet spot of liberty | Bruce Pardy and Salim Mansur

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Jan 062020

Politics has become a war of shifting definitions with both the Conservatives and the Liberals becoming ‘progressives’ and ‘collectivists’ yet continuing to call themselves something they clearly are not.

Professor Bruce Pardy of Queen’s University, Professor Emeritus Salim Mansur of Western University and Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media try to make some sense of the confusing labels.

Rounding out the discussion is why the People’s Party of Canada failed to capture the support of Canadians in the last federal election even though they lie squarely in that “sweet spot of liberty” reserved for the individualistic, classical liberals.

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Dec 312019

In Part 3 of our “Rethinking Canada” series Professor Salim Mansur and Robert Vaughan discuss the People’s Party of Canada option for voters looking to unite the country.

Part 1 – The Alienation of The West
Part 2 – Conservative Party Mediocrity
Part 3 – The People’s Party Option

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Sep 262019

Justin Trudeau

Sometimes the hypocrisy inherent in a person’s actions can be a cover to hide what he is really being hypocritical about. That’s certainly true when it comes to the crocodile tear ‘apologies’ offered by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau upon the revelation of a past in which he wore ‘blackface’ as a costume – on at least three known occasions that surfaced in the first week of Canada’s election.

Even though this is a behaviour that Trudeau had in past publicly labelled ‘racist,’ most Canadians are rightly reluctant to label Trudeau a racist solely on the grounds of wearing ‘blackface’ in costume some decades ago. This is ironic, given that it is Trudeau himself who continues to insist that his wearing ‘blackface’ was a racist act and who insists on apologizing for it. But this is mere distraction.

Because the real racism Trudeau should be apologizing for is his use of race to pander to win elections and thus, political power. His strategy is, after all, what objectively defines racism: “the utilization of racial differences, actual or supposed, for political ends.” (Universal World Reference Encyclopedia) Continue reading »

From one brown face to another | Salim Mansur

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Sep 232019

Salim Mansur, a brown-faced immigrant from India dismisses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brownface faux pas as nothing more than grandstanding and attention-seeking by a third-rate actor.

He does not, however, forgive his more egregious faults: ethics violations, interfering with justice, dismissing women from his caucus, and destroying Canada’s economy.

Salim is the People’s Party of Canada candidate for London North Centre and is a frequent contributor to Just Right Media.

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