806 – Trans formation—and the binary reality of sex and politics

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Apr 132023

The uncivilized and violent behavior of so-called “trans-activists” is a direct consequence of their conflict with reality itself. It’s not the people they attack that they hate; they hate themselves.

Unable to justify their thoughts, feelings or actions, they blame that inability on the reaction of rational individuals to their epistemological dysfunction. They are angry and frustrated because their concepts and definitions do not describe or define anything objective or real.

In terms of “gender identity,” reality dictates that there are only two sexes: male and female. Similarly, in terms of political identity, there are only two polarities: Left and Right.

Accurate definitions are the key to discovering what is real and what is truth. Reality can only be apprehended by using real definitions of real concepts that actually exist in nature – another way of describing reality. Continue reading »

May 112019

University of Chicago history professor, Rachel Fulton Brown has been criticized and even harassed for a blog post she published on June 5, 2015 titled “Three Cheers for White Men.” (https://tinyurl.com/yyu6a4sq)

Her post explained that “white men,” the racist and inflammatory term used by Leftists to denote — in a derogatory way — Western culture, were responsible for such things as chivalry, women’s rights, and free speech.

We spoke with Professor Brown at a meeting of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship at Western University in London, Ontario on May 4th, 2019.

604 – Gender politics and the court of public opinion

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Apr 182019

Me Too

As a political weapon of the Left, the so-called ‘#MeToo movement’ is a propaganda effort specifically calculated to destroy principles of fundamental justice. ‘Convictions’ take place not in a court of law, where at least some semblance of due process still nominally exists, but in the court of public opinion, where due process has no place.

Unlike a court of law, where both the prosecution and the defense have a seat at the table, in the court of public opinion there is only one seat for the prosecutor, and none for the defense. And that’s exactly how the Left likes it; so much so, that every effort is being made to make our courts of law operate very much like their favored court of public opinion.

Behind this evil trend is the postmodern cult of feminism which has been using its #MeToo propaganda campaign to justify libeling, slandering, and otherwise hurling public accusations against men without being held accountable.

Worse, using an epistemologically invalid array of ‘gender identities,’ the Left has now ‘transgendered’ itself from promoting an abuse of justice to promoting the abuse of children. The growing number of victims of this form of child abuse are not discussed in mainstream media, because that media is a part of the Left and refuses to report the abuse. Additionally, outraged and shocked parents of the children being abused have been told by authorities that any action on their part to protect their children or to bring their concerns to the public will be met with severe legal consequences – including having their children taken from them. Continue reading »

The feminist myth – The Danielle Metz Show 054

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Mar 262019

Audio only. As heard on WBCQ

In light of “International Women’s Day” are women still the weaker of the two sexes and in need of governmental and societal protection or are those in power using the long-standing myth of the patriarchy in order to keep women in a mental state of victimhood?

Join Danielle and Robert as they “marvel” over the fact that one of the most privileged and protected classes in society today still clings to the oppression card instead of appreciating the greatest amount of freedom they have ever experienced in the history of mankind.

592 – Guest: Paul Lambert – A short wave with a long reach

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Jan 242019

Radio Tower

Shortwave radio has long been a weapon in the war of ideas, and continues to be so today, much to the surprise of many. So powerful a weapon, at times throughout history simply being caught in possession of a shortwave radio could warrant imprisonment or death.

It is a significant fact that those threatened by shortwave signals have never been friends of freedom. So it is fitting that our guest, Paul Lambert, who sponsors Just Right on shortwave broadcasts heard around the world, should join us in a discussion about shortwave and about some of his European perspectives on many of the issues often raised on the show.

As a resident of Berlin, Paul’s views on the political environment within Germany offer some fascinating comparisons to the narratives heard outside that country in the major news media. From the disturbing social trends between men and women developing in conjunction with Germany’s mass migration policies, to arbitrarily forcing households, employers, and even car rental agencies to pay a ‘TV tax,’ these trends may well become the norm in a not-too-distant North American Leftist future as well.

At the heart of every issue discussed is, of course, the very ‘right’ itself to discuss any matter or issue with willing participants, and to share those discussions with willing listeners/viewers. A ‘TV tax’ is merely one contrived way to force the unwilling to finance views and values not shared or even opposed. Continue reading »

DMS 031 – The hill to die on

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Oct 142018

“Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life,” proudly boasts Ariel Dumas, a writer for The Colbert Show.

Yeah, ‘whatever.’

There, in a nutshell, is a hands-on description of what the Left truly represents. In American politics, the Left is the Democratic Party, which continues to amaze and entertain in daily demonstrations of just how low they are willing to go for – ‘whatever.’

‘Whatever’ consists of two basic ingredients: (1) gaining political power by ‘whatever’ corrupt means necessary, and (2) the pursuit of an evil ideology that, historically, has violently and destructively taken the lives of millions upon millions of people.

Accusing an innocent man of a crime is just politics as usual. Guilt or innocence? Completely irrelevant. ‘Whatever.’ Continue reading »

Andrew Lawton – Ideological conformity in politics and the media

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Aug 182018

In her second “free speech pub night” Lindsay Shepherd of The Laurier Society For Open Inquiry introduced Andrew Lawton to speak on Ideological Conformity in Politics and the Media.

Andrew Lawton is a writer, columnist, broadcaster, and former radio talk show host. With a quick wit, entertaining speaking skills, and personal anecdotes he reveals the lunacy of post-modernism and the problem with politics in both Canada and the United States.