Apr 132023

The uncivilized and violent behavior of so-called “trans-activists” is a direct consequence of their conflict with reality itself. It’s not the people they attack that they hate; they hate themselves.

Unable to justify their thoughts, feelings or actions, they blame that inability on the reaction of rational individuals to their epistemological dysfunction. They are angry and frustrated because their concepts and definitions do not describe or define anything objective or real.

In terms of “gender identity,” reality dictates that there are only two sexes: male and female. Similarly, in terms of political identity, there are only two polarities: Left and Right.

Accurate definitions are the key to discovering what is real and what is truth. Reality can only be apprehended by using real definitions of real concepts that actually exist in nature – another way of describing reality.

Those who change or alter established definitions to push an agenda suggest sinister motives. It is evidence that they are intent on misrepresenting themselves or their goals.

Trans activists can’t escape reality because – despite all of their denials and irrationalities – they are “hard-wired” to reality by virtue of their own physical contact with it, and by what their own perceptions are forcing upon them.

Despite imagined and multiple “gender identities,” by the very use of the term “trans,” the binary of male and female is being acknowledged. After all, what else is anyone possibly transitioning from and to?

The real dangers to society are the police, politicians, and other officials who are exploiting the dysfunctional and tragic “trans community” to promote a political agenda. “Trans-gendered” and “trans-activists” are mere pawns being used in the interests of those who are more than happy to see them mutilate, disfigure, and even kill themselves.

In the same way that fighting “climate change” is really about changing our political climate, the real “trans” our politicians are pushing is a “trans” formation of a free society (the Right) into a fascist totalitarian one (the Left).

It’s time to acknowledge that those detached from reality can never be made Just Right, whether mentally, emotionally, physically, morally, socially, or above all – politically.

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