Jul 172019

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Why is the Left so mean?

It appears that progressives are more than willing to sacrifice personal relationships for the sake of their “cause.” They are willing to use tragedies to attempt to score points against those who do not necessarily agree with them, even when it makes no contextual sense.

As turnabout is fair play Danielle and Robert deal with certain ad hominem attacks by one listener and personal acquaintance (friend?) of Danielle by giving him a little of his own medicine.

The Left can be cruel but we don’t have to take it.

DMS 048 – The limiting factor

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Feb 172019

“Pushing limits” once meant pushing the limits of knowledge, science, understanding, and human potential. But to the Left, pushing limits means pushing the limits of social and moral tolerance of the Left’s offensive ideas and behavior.

“There are no limiting principles to Leftism – none whatsoever. So once you allow this thing, you’ve got to allow the next thing. You’ve got to allow the next thing after that.” (Steven Green, Right Angle, Feb 6/19) Green’s observation was inspired by the state of Virginia’s proposed Bill HB-241 allowing late-term abortions up to the point of birth and, warns Danielle, to “what amounts to infanticide.”

“The Left is a train wreck of competing ideas that one day will fall in upon itself like a house of cards,” predicts Robert. With competing interests all vying for ‘victimhood status’, the inevitable power struggle between victim classes will self-destruct in clashes similar to the one between ‘Black Lives Matter’ and organizers of Toronto’s gay pride parades. Continue reading »

DMS 047 – The best a man can get

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Feb 102019

Gillette, the brand that hates white men,” is how Danielle describes that company’s market positioning statement due to its public service announcement (PSA) portraying white males in a negatively sexist and racist manner while asking:“Is this the best a man can get?”

It is a stark contrast against the company’s original decades-old commercial, ‘Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get,’ containing the lyrics “we give you all we have to give for all a man can be. When the race is run, you’re the champion.”

The change in attitude and message has not been lost on a significant portion of the public, having already accumulated more than 1.2 million ‘dislikes’ on YouTube. Yet, in conversation with Danielle, Robert suggests that the PSA may well have been a ‘brilliant marketing ploy’ on the part of Gillette seeking to re-establish and expand name recognition and dominance in the marketplace.

Sadly, Gillette’s message is disturbing and provocative – for all the wrong reasons. As an indictment of the moral state of our society – condoning and promoting ‘hateful nonsense’ – the PSA stands on its own. But the ‘message’ (that most men are toxic) is a glaring moral condemnation of heterosexual masculinity itself.
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DMS 039 – The China syndrome

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Dec 092018

Expected to be fully implemented by 2020, China’s compulsory ‘social credit’ system has been promoted to sound a lot like a normal market economic credit rating system.

Says Chong Jiyah, manager of Alipay: “Once a person has a score, all their credit behavior in life is recorded and can be evaluated by that number. Our goal is to ensure that if people keep their promises, they can go anywhere in the world and if people break their promises, they won’t be able to move an inch.”

The ‘Social Credit score’ is based on five factors: (1) credit history, (2) fulfillment capacity, (3) personal characteristics (phone, address), (4) behavior and preference (purchases made and associated characteristics with those purchases, and (5) interpersonal relationships (those you associate with).

Only the first two appear directly related to financial ‘credit’ behavior or to ‘keeping promises,’ while the rest look more like a social media profile intended for marketing/information gathering. Unfortunately, this profile is compulsory, one shaped not only by a citizen’s actions, but also by the actions of those with whom he/she associates. Continue reading »

The Danielle Metz Show – 010 – The argument sketch

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Dec 312017

The Argument Sketch

Have you ever had the feeling that some of your personal “arguments” with friends and acquaintances begin to polarize along what appear to be political divisions of Left and Right?

Take any disagreement, and one side may be right and the other wrong. Or, both sides may be wrong. Or, both sides might be correct – but “arguing” in differing contexts.

However, when facts and feelings are in conflict, watch out! And when one side in an argument uses facts to support a case, then the opposition often retorts that facts are “uncaring” and therefore, they “care” and the other side doesn’t. Which to them, is a winning argument.

“Facts don’t care about your feelings,” notes Danielle noting Ben Shapiro. You don’t have to be mean or uncaring just by insisting on sticking to the facts, she “argues” in this discussion with Robert Vaughan. Unfortunately, facts may be facts, but often do not relate to what one side in an argument sees as being relevant.

It may well be that the very nature of “argument” makes it impossible to have one in a way that “feels” Just Right for all sides.

533 – America’s great “wreckoning” | Salim Mansur

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Nov 302017

Trump in South Korea

Added to the wreckage of celebrity personalities facing public moral outrage over past alleged sexual improprieties, NBC News announced on November 29 its termination of Matt Lauer, citing similar improprieties for its response to a single complaint.

It is therefore fitting that our discussion today includes some reflections on America’s Great Sexual “Wreckoning” – our own term derived from the wreckage of celebrities and high profile personalities who seem to have exhibited very little “self awareness” about the inappropriateness of certain sexual conduct.

That discussion with Western University Associate Professor of Political Science, Salim Mansur, begins with a greater reckoning – a “Great Reckoning” that is already underway and is being favorably influenced by the world leadership of U.S. President Donald Trump.

The significance of Trump’s recent Asian tour and of major revolutionary developments in Saudi Arabia has been clouded by media distractions concerning domestic sexual improprieties by local celebrities. This may be more than coincidence, for sexuality too plays a significant role in the wider politics of world affairs. Continue reading »

529 – Guest: Salim Mansur – Hugh Hefner and the Playboy legacy

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Nov 022017

Hugh Hefner

With the passing of Playboy founder and icon Hugh Hefner on September 27 at age 91, subsequent discussions about his legacy and the influence that Playboy continues to have today have been disappointingly reduced to a feminist debate about whether Hefner was a “liberator” or an “oppressor”.

In stark contrast to the myopic discussions of sex usually heard in such a restricted context, our in-studio guest Salim Mansur brings a breath of fresh air to yet another discussion considered politically incorrect: the celebration of sex between men and women.

Says Salim:

Just as Freud pointed out, ultimately everything boils down to sex. The whole of life throughout history is ultimately about the primordial basic relationship between a male and a female. Out of that relationship comes great art, great music, great painting – and out of it also comes the dirtiest violence, misogyny, abuse, excesses. That’s life.”

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