Feb 102019

Gillette, the brand that hates white men,” is how Danielle describes that company’s market positioning statement due to its public service announcement (PSA) portraying white males in a negatively sexist and racist manner while asking:“Is this the best a man can get?”

It is a stark contrast against the company’s original decades-old commercial, ‘Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get,’ containing the lyrics “we give you all we have to give for all a man can be. When the race is run, you’re the champion.”

The change in attitude and message has not been lost on a significant portion of the public, having already accumulated more than 1.2 million ‘dislikes’ on YouTube. Yet, in conversation with Danielle, Robert suggests that the PSA may well have been a ‘brilliant marketing ploy’ on the part of Gillette seeking to re-establish and expand name recognition and dominance in the marketplace.

Sadly, Gillette’s message is disturbing and provocative – for all the wrong reasons. As an indictment of the moral state of our society – condoning and promoting ‘hateful nonsense’ – the PSA stands on its own. But the ‘message’ (that most men are toxic) is a glaring moral condemnation of heterosexual masculinity itself.

Beauty as a quality of femininity and physical strength and sexual aggressiveness as a quality of masculinity are not only natural, but desired and sought after by the vast majority of either sex. To feminists and those on the anti-sexual Left, these natural preferences and social norms are politically incorrect and offensive.

How ironic that the Gillette ad calls for men “to say the right thing, to act the right way” in a message that otherwise promotes the wrong gender and sex mythologies of the Left. To the gender-obsessed Left, the ‘right’ way for men to act is feminine, or perhaps more to the point, feminist.

What is most interesting given all of the gender/sex politics today, is that at no time are women called upon to be the ‘best that they can be.’ In the current environment of radical feminism and sexist hatreds, it appears that there’s more than enough room for improvement in this regard.

It seems to us that the ‘best’ either sex can be is to behave in a manner consistent with consent, a principle long known to be Just Right for all, and a far cry from the politics of force that defines the Left.

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