Feb 142019


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal government has announced a sinister plan to curb ‘fake news,’ political ‘misinformation,’ and ‘foreign influence’ in Canada’s elections.

Supporters of the Trudeau Plan, like the Globe and Mail’s ‘disinformation expert’ Marcus Kolga, actually believe that it does not go far enough, and ‘divisive’ ideas and discussions like those about ‘anti-immigration and anti-globalism’ should be even further curbed on social media.

All of this is reprehensible, and should be loudly condemned. We have one clear message for Trudeau and his fake supporters: “So fake off already – and get real!”

False news reports have been with us since the news itself. But as we learn on today’s broadcast, the current context of the term ‘fake news’ was first introduced on October 13, 2016 in an Obama speech calling for a campaign to “curate information in the wild west media environment.”

Like Trudeau today, Obama declared ‘fake news’ to be a ‘threat to democracy’ and together with the explicit help of Google, the ‘fake news’ lie became the Clinton campaign’s key strategy to discredit then-Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.
And just as with Trudeau, the Democratic Party focused on curbing ‘fake news,’ political ‘misinformation,’ and ‘foreign influence’ in elections. And of course, when the Democrats and Hillary Clinton lost the election, they blamed ‘fake news’ for their loss.

But nebulous floating abstractions like ‘fake news,’ political ‘misinformation,’ and ‘foreign influence’ are meaningless and irrelevant distractions. They’re all BS. The really scary news is the news that’s real, not fake. And the reality is that Trudeau’s plan is about ‘curbing’ ideas and discussions on the Right, ideas destructive to his globalist fantasies and agenda.

Fake news aside, the Trudeau plan is an utterly unjustifiable violation of freedom of speech. It is anti-democratic in the extreme – just like Trudeau. And that’s real news!

The word ‘free’ in the term ‘free press’ refers to ‘freedom from government’ and has no other relevant application. This freedom is essential to the creation of what can be called a ‘fourth estate,’ an ‘estate’ independent (from government) and entrusted to be a source of information about the misuse of government powers. The ‘fourth estate’ is established as a balance and check AGAINST government powers, not a tool FOR government propaganda, as in the Trudeau plan.

When governments intervene in media matters, the people no longer even have a ‘fourth estate,’ and tyranny sits at the doorstep. With efforts to curb ‘fake news’ steaming full ahead both in Canada and the United States, it’s not particularly encouraging to know that those proclaiming themselves to be the champions of the ‘fight against fake,’ are the fakers themselves.

Behind all their ‘fake news’ fake fears, what those on the Left really fear are any ideas proven to be Just Right.

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