Feb 172019

“Pushing limits” once meant pushing the limits of knowledge, science, understanding, and human potential. But to the Left, pushing limits means pushing the limits of social and moral tolerance of the Left’s offensive ideas and behavior.

“There are no limiting principles to Leftism – none whatsoever. So once you allow this thing, you’ve got to allow the next thing. You’ve got to allow the next thing after that.” (Steven Green, Right Angle, Feb 6/19) Green’s observation was inspired by the state of Virginia’s proposed Bill HB-241 allowing late-term abortions up to the point of birth and, warns Danielle, to “what amounts to infanticide.”

“The Left is a train wreck of competing ideas that one day will fall in upon itself like a house of cards,” predicts Robert. With competing interests all vying for ‘victimhood status’, the inevitable power struggle between victim classes will self-destruct in clashes similar to the one between ‘Black Lives Matter’ and organizers of Toronto’s gay pride parades.

It’s “a train wreck of intersectionality,” adds Danielle, using the Left’s anti-conceptual term to describe its own contradictions. But “progressives have to progress” and push the boundaries, without which the Left no longer has any purpose, she notes.

There is a great irony in ‘the worst among us’ telling the rest how to behave. The Left’s virtue signaling is intended only to offend others, while childishly claiming immunity from being offended. The result is the development of a complete lack of mutual respect that was once a social norm, even when no laws existed to compel such respectful behavior. Like wearing hats in public.

It would be comforting if those on the Left understood that simply having a legal ‘right’ to behave in certain ways doesn’t mean that such behavior is considered Just Right in every context.

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