Apr 282022

“Essentially, thousands of people have been killed by the direct actions taken by their governments. And we go out of that straight into this conflict in Ukraine, (but) who are the ‘good guys’ now? Who are any of us – as nations – to stand up and call out tyranny anymore? We’ve all embraced tyranny!”

Powerful words – from a cartoonist whose images invoke even greater power. That’s why our guest, British cartoonist Bob Moran, is now part of the ‘independent media’ where he has been freed to express his view of the truth.

As a former cartoonist with The Telegraph, the power and influence of Moran’s work was demonstrated by that paper’s dismissing him for expressing opinions inconsistent with the paper’s tyrannical narrative. Now through the Democracy Fund, Moran has dedicated himself to making his cartoons available for free in an effort to broaden awareness of the true political, moral, and social crisis in which we find ourselves.

As to the power of art itself, Ayn Rand once described its source this way:

“Metaphysics – that science that deals with the fundamental nature of reality – involves man’s widest abstractions. It includes every concrete he has ever perceived, it involves such a vast sum of knowledge and such a long chain of concepts that no man could hold it all in the focus of his immediate conscious awareness. Yet he needs that sum and that awareness to guide him – he needs the power to summon them into full, conscious focus. That power is given to him by art.” (Ayn Rand, Art and Sense of Life)

Thus the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” proves Just Right since images have the power to accelerate an awareness of the truth in a way that words alone cannot.

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Apr 222022

In an era of massive violations of individual rights by tyrannical governments around the world British cartoonist, Bob Moran’s work has become iconic for the freedom movement. His artwork both pokes fun at the political elites while revealing their true nature as despots.

He has recently teamed up with The Democracy Fund, a Canadian charity promoting the cause of individual rights and freedom.

Robert Vaughan spoke with Mr. Moran about The Democracy Fund, his political motivations, and his influence on a culture in decline and in desperate need of positive imagery and inspirational humour.

This video is also available on Rumble here.

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403 – Guest: Bosch Fawstin – graphic artist, critic of Islam

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Jun 042015

Muhammed - Bosch Fawstin


00:07 Killing the free speech killers: Garland Texas shootings, American Freedom Defence Initiative, Pamela Geller, Draw Muhammad cartoon contest, what happened in Garland Texas, media gap, contest a great event for freedom of speech
11:45 The savage media: personal report on Garland shootings, surreal experience, contrast – contest vs savages, Western media response, image vs idea, a weak Western world, free speech and truth, media submission to Islam, blaming the victims, Muslim Americans, poisonous ideas, Adolf Hitler – Islam’s favourite infidel, the West’s desperate need to believe that Islam means peace
24:40 Baiting the rat trap: police presence at Garland Texas, gunmen killed may have prevented violence, rat trap with a cartoon, Islam ideology at war with Western world, Saudi funding of radicalization, media avoiding the cartoon, media submission to Islam, West’s response to the conflict, artistic motivation, political motivation, free speech aside, Pamela Geller’s ideology, attacked by terrorists – and media and politicians, moderate Muslims and immoderate lies
41:25 This little piggy went to market: Bosch Fawstin’s journey into art, the pig is forbidden, from Captain America to Pigman, study of Islamism, the Infidel, how to deal with the enemy, when Pigman flies, upcoming 55-page pig-size chapter three, Table for One, recommended reading on Islam, endgame 54:14 END

383 – Charlie Hebdo and the New Vichy France / Bill Cosby – fact check

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Jan 152015

Charlie Hebdo


00:07 Misplaced empathy for Charlie Hebdo: Islamist atrocities are commonplace, Charlie Hebdo socialists, Nigerian slaughter by Islamists, public reaction, capitulation of the West to soldiers of Islam, French hypocrisy on freedom of speech, media fear of Islamists, democracy vs Sharia law, Pope Francis on Charlie Hebdo shootings, French denial, Canadian Muslims, Muslims facing tomorrow, at war with Sharia law
17:15 The media is the anti-Cosby message: feminist agenda to destroy truth and normal relationships between men and women, re-definition of consent, call to abolish presumption of innocence, good reasons for statute of limitations, media is the message, exaggerating protest numbers, media sexism against Cosby
30:25 For the cause against the ‘Cos: Cosby’s reason for not speaking to media on allegations, Cosby pleads for fact-check, behind the allegations, Phylicia Rashad says Cosby allegations orchestrated, feminist agenda against Cosby, a sorry list of allegers against Cosby, Lachele Covington, hanky-panky, one alleger with three contradictory allegations
46:30 Disturbing facts about Cosby’s accusers: Shawn Brown aka Shawn Upshaw, Autumn Jackson, Carla Ferrigno, Joyce Emmons, political attacks against Cosby, allegations and extortion, tabloid media agenda against Cosby, allegation sources from gossip magazines, attorney Gloria Allred, why Cosby was right not to speak out 58:33 END

240 – Tin Tin / Captive consent / Voting is not the answer

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Mar 082012

240 - Tin Tin - 168x100


Tintin – A Brief History Of A European Cultural Landmark
Tintin The Movie (2011) – Spielberg Does It Right
Captive Consent – Defending Zero As A Standard Of Excellence
Let’s Vote To Protect Ourselves From Voters

232 – Guest: Bosch Fawstin – Graphic Novelist

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Jan 122012

Bosch Fawstin - Pigman


GUEST: Bosch Fawstin: Graphic Artist, Critic Of Islam
Graphic Novels About A Graphic Subject: Islam
From Comic Books To Graphic Novels – Dealing With The Resistance
Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy: Foreign To Reason?
Culture’s Catalysts For Change – Truth, Emotion, Art