Jun 042015

Muhammed - Bosch Fawstin


00:07 Killing the free speech killers: Garland Texas shootings, American Freedom Defence Initiative, Pamela Geller, Draw Muhammad cartoon contest, what happened in Garland Texas, media gap, contest a great event for freedom of speech
11:45 The savage media: personal report on Garland shootings, surreal experience, contrast – contest vs savages, Western media response, image vs idea, a weak Western world, free speech and truth, media submission to Islam, blaming the victims, Muslim Americans, poisonous ideas, Adolf Hitler – Islam’s favourite infidel, the West’s desperate need to believe that Islam means peace
24:40 Baiting the rat trap: police presence at Garland Texas, gunmen killed may have prevented violence, rat trap with a cartoon, Islam ideology at war with Western world, Saudi funding of radicalization, media avoiding the cartoon, media submission to Islam, West’s response to the conflict, artistic motivation, political motivation, free speech aside, Pamela Geller’s ideology, attacked by terrorists – and media and politicians, moderate Muslims and immoderate lies
41:25 This little piggy went to market: Bosch Fawstin’s journey into art, the pig is forbidden, from Captain America to Pigman, study of Islamism, the Infidel, how to deal with the enemy, when Pigman flies, upcoming 55-page pig-size chapter three, Table for One, recommended reading on Islam, endgame 54:14 END

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