848 – Witness to betrayal—the National Citizens Inquiry | Ches Crosbie

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Feb 212024

As victims of COVID-19 government policies, each of the witnesses who testified before Canada’s National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) shared their own unique experience and personal tragic consequences. But what they all truly witnessed in common was the official betrayal of Canadians on a scale once thought to be unimaginable.

Released on November 28, 2023, the final report of the NCI’s Inquiry into the Appropriateness and Efficacy of the COVID-19 Response in Canada permanently places on the record the Canadian government’s intentional misinformation and disinformation campaigns about the COVID-19 pandemic. What is undeniably clear is that Canadians were betrayed by all of their institutions and politicians.

As our guest Ches Crosbie notes, the “censorship industrial complex” must be eliminated before the truth reaches enough people and a proper reconciliation can be pursued. And significantly, the testimonies and information found in the final report can serve as a resource for other betrayed victims who have yet to seek some kind of justice. It is a treasure trove of information for litigation purposes.

Given that the truth is now visible to anyone who cares to look, a call for reconciliation appears to be the next step in the direction that is Just Right.

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Jan 112024

“When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead. The pain is felt by others. The same thing happens when you’re stupid.” And to explicitly conclude the thought of that popular meme: “When you’re stupid and you don’t know it, the pain is felt by others.”

The truth of that statement strikes at the heart of what was experienced in Nazi Germany, thanks to the seemingly willing support that so many German people gave to Hitler. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran pastor theologian and anti-Nazi dissident, believed that this was a not a consequence of malice, but of widespread stupidity.

While in a German prison during the Hitler years, he formulated a theory arguing that we must seek to understand the nature of stupidity as stupidity is not an intellectual defect, but a moral one. Stupidity, therefore, is a much more dangerous enemy than malice because one can expose malice and argue against it and even use force to stop it, but this is not possible when dealing with stupidity.

One has but to look at all of the utterly stupid ideas and causes (and quite demonstrably so) being supported in today’s zeitgeist. From Covid to climate change, these stupid fictions continue to be believed by a significant number of people who, as a result, become a danger not only to others but to themselves as well. But having chosen to be stupid, they are oblivious to this reality.

Moreover, this phenomenon of stupidity, observed Bonhoeffer, is most predominant among people living in groups and collectives, and very rare in independent individuals or those who generally live alone. This suggests a strong psychological force at play, and goes a long way towards explaining why the collectivist Left (communism/socialism/fascism) promotes so many genuinely stupid and immoral ideas, policies and ideologies.

Upon a review of the evidence, it would appear that Bonhoeffer’s theory that stupidity is a moral defect turns out to be Just Right.

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Anti-Semitism—The origins of an ancient hatred | Irving Weisdorf

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Dec 282023

The Oct 7th, 2023 atrocities committed on Israeli civilians by Gaza’s Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) prompted widespread expression of sympathy towards the people of Israel. However, as Israel responded to this act of terrorism to bring Hamas and its supporters to justice, the narrative quickly shifted to a surge of anti-Semitism.

In a candid conversation, Jewish-Canadian businessman Irving Weisdorf and Robert Vaughan delve into the origins of anti-Semitism, the historical context leading to the establishment of the state of Israel, and the complex dynamics of the insatiable animosity held by many Arab Palestinians towards their Jewish neighbours.

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840 – Singing against the reign of tyranny—More music that’s Just Right

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Dec 282023

As 2023 draws to a close and an anticipated turbulent 2024 comes with an expectation of escalated assaults on individual freedom, one positive trend has been a growing cultural resistance to the tyranny and its many manifestations. If it’s true that politics is ‘downstream from culture,’ then it is beginning to appear that the Left’s dominance of the cultural mosaic is finally encountering some meaningful competition from the Right.

Fundamental to classifying any artistic expression as being Just Right is the understanding that all such expression values individual freedom and/or condemns tyranny.

Increasingly, more and more musical artists are finding themselves on the Right by singing out on behalf of freedom. As both a form of protest and critical analysis, the combination of the Right words with the Right music can prove to powerfully and emotionally reflect the changing zeitgeist of the day in a way otherwise not possible.

Our first two unique and distinctive musical collections defying the propaganda of the day can be found archived on our site with the broadcasts of Just Right-738-December 23, 2021 and Just Right-817-June 29, 2023. It is in the spirit of this growing awakening that we now dedicate a third broadcast devoted to yet another unique and distinctive collection of music that’s Just Right.

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Dec 212023

Since October 7 the attack on Israel by Hamas has dominated the world stage. Though initial global reaction sympathized with the Israeli victims, it was not long before Western public sentiment had expressed a surprising level of moral support for the actions of Hamas, accompanied by open calls for the death of Jews.

Why the Jewish culture has been so hated and condemned throughout history has never been explained in a way that can withstand the test of time. To help broaden our discussions about the nature of Israel and Jewish traditions, our guest Irving Weisdorf – as a secular Jew himself – offers his own perspective and experience within the Jewish tradition.

With a traditional stress on education and hard work combined with an ethic of “being the best that you can be,” that philosophy goes a long way towards explaining why the Jewish culture is so successful. It may also help explain the real motivation behind anti-Semitism as being a “hatred of the good for being the good,” as described by Ayn Rand.

Whether this proves to be the explanation that is Just Right is something that can only be determined in an open forum of free discussion involving the nature of good and evil itself.

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835 – Evil is not a mental illness

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Nov 162023


Steven Crowder’s disclosure of the manifesto by Audrey Hale, the Covenant School shooter, has prompted some to label such heinous acts as the very definition of mental illness. However, categorizing evil solely as a mental disorder or abnormal dysfunction serves as an excuse rather than a proper understanding.

Evil deeds stem from a deliberate suspension of one’s consciousness and a rejection of critical thinking. Every individual has the potential for wrongdoing, influenced by their upbringing and the circumstances that shape their moral compass.

The Hamas Massacre on October 7 in Israel highlights that the conditions for evil exist in all people. It is only through a conscious decision to think and an act of will can we overcome the inclination to react violently to those we disagree with or those we’ve been conditioned to hate.

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Oct 262023

In the information and propaganda war that always accompanies a physical war, maintaining the narrative is key to winning both. Today’s confusion reigning around the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is completely understandable, and has a deliberate cause.

It also has had a desired effect, observed mainly in the international moral outrage against the “terrorist Hamas” from the Right, and in international moral support for the “resistance movement Hamas” from the Left.

Disturbingly, these emotionally charged public reactions could easily be interpreted as benefiting either side of the conflict, leaving open the question of a “false flag” operation on the part of Israel – particularly in light of its open border and lack of response during the invasion on October 7.

Worse, in the din of the “this is Israel’s 9/11” chorus, one cannot help but reflect on the fact that 9/11 itself is now understood to have been a false flag event, calculated to initiate a war in the mid-east.

While it may seem callous to downplay the unspeakable atrocities committed on the Gaza strip, to do otherwise is an invitation for more of the same. After all, the very purpose behind the “shock and terror” violence is to manipulate we the people.

For those in the conflict, what matters most is controlling the narrative, and the question of whether or not the reported acts of terrorism are real, imagined, manufactured or some combination thereof is secondary. What is necessary is to have the desired narrative believed and accepted by as many as possible in order to justify yet another battle in the greater global conflict increasingly being recognized as World War III.

In order to make sense of the latest conflict a good place to start is by recognizing World War III is not a war between nations; it is a war within nations. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is but the latest example of a fate that awaits all nations who fail to do what’s Just Right when dealing with what’s Left in their midst.

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