Dec 282023

As 2023 draws to a close and an anticipated turbulent 2024 comes with an expectation of escalated assaults on individual freedom, one positive trend has been a growing cultural resistance to the tyranny and its many manifestations. If it’s true that politics is ‘downstream from culture,’ then it is beginning to appear that the Left’s dominance of the cultural mosaic is finally encountering some meaningful competition from the Right.

Fundamental to classifying any artistic expression as being Just Right is the understanding that all such expression values individual freedom and/or condemns tyranny.

Increasingly, more and more musical artists are finding themselves on the Right by singing out on behalf of freedom. As both a form of protest and critical analysis, the combination of the Right words with the Right music can prove to powerfully and emotionally reflect the changing zeitgeist of the day in a way otherwise not possible.

Our first two unique and distinctive musical collections defying the propaganda of the day can be found archived on our site with the broadcasts of Just Right-738-December 23, 2021 and Just Right-817-June 29, 2023. It is in the spirit of this growing awakening that we now dedicate a third broadcast devoted to yet another unique and distinctive collection of music that’s Just Right.

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