Oct 262023

In the information and propaganda war that always accompanies a physical war, maintaining the narrative is key to winning both. Today’s confusion reigning around the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is completely understandable, and has a deliberate cause.

It also has had a desired effect, observed mainly in the international moral outrage against the “terrorist Hamas” from the Right, and in international moral support for the “resistance movement Hamas” from the Left.

Disturbingly, these emotionally charged public reactions could easily be interpreted as benefiting either side of the conflict, leaving open the question of a “false flag” operation on the part of Israel – particularly in light of its open border and lack of response during the invasion on October 7.

Worse, in the din of the “this is Israel’s 9/11” chorus, one cannot help but reflect on the fact that 9/11 itself is now understood to have been a false flag event, calculated to initiate a war in the mid-east.

While it may seem callous to downplay the unspeakable atrocities committed on the Gaza strip, to do otherwise is an invitation for more of the same. After all, the very purpose behind the “shock and terror” violence is to manipulate we the people.

For those in the conflict, what matters most is controlling the narrative, and the question of whether or not the reported acts of terrorism are real, imagined, manufactured or some combination thereof is secondary. What is necessary is to have the desired narrative believed and accepted by as many as possible in order to justify yet another battle in the greater global conflict increasingly being recognized as World War III.

In order to make sense of the latest conflict a good place to start is by recognizing World War III is not a war between nations; it is a war within nations. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is but the latest example of a fate that awaits all nations who fail to do what’s Just Right when dealing with what’s Left in their midst.

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  One Response to “834 – The Left’s deep state—of confusion”

  1. If the current war in Israel is the result of a false flag, that just allows the Jew-baiters not to have to empathise with the Jews. Now we can all ignore the Arabs in their typically monstrous behaviour and switch the focus on how horrible the war is for the ostensible non-combatants on the ground – as if war can ever be pretty.

    There are plenty of people who need this to have been a false flag whether or not that indeed is the truth.

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