Jan 152015

Charlie Hebdo


00:07 Misplaced empathy for Charlie Hebdo: Islamist atrocities are commonplace, Charlie Hebdo socialists, Nigerian slaughter by Islamists, public reaction, capitulation of the West to soldiers of Islam, French hypocrisy on freedom of speech, media fear of Islamists, democracy vs Sharia law, Pope Francis on Charlie Hebdo shootings, French denial, Canadian Muslims, Muslims facing tomorrow, at war with Sharia law
17:15 The media is the anti-Cosby message: feminist agenda to destroy truth and normal relationships between men and women, re-definition of consent, call to abolish presumption of innocence, good reasons for statute of limitations, media is the message, exaggerating protest numbers, media sexism against Cosby
30:25 For the cause against the ‘Cos: Cosby’s reason for not speaking to media on allegations, Cosby pleads for fact-check, behind the allegations, Phylicia Rashad says Cosby allegations orchestrated, feminist agenda against Cosby, a sorry list of allegers against Cosby, Lachele Covington, hanky-panky, one alleger with three contradictory allegations
46:30 Disturbing facts about Cosby’s accusers: Shawn Brown aka Shawn Upshaw, Autumn Jackson, Carla Ferrigno, Joyce Emmons, political attacks against Cosby, allegations and extortion, tabloid media agenda against Cosby, allegation sources from gossip magazines, attorney Gloria Allred, why Cosby was right not to speak out 58:33 END

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