503 – Sexual tensions – Political climax

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May 042017

Woman shouts at man

Feminist claims that women in North America are suffering at the hands of a patriarchy amount to little more than propaganda. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that we live in a matriarchy under which the suffering are men.

Laws in Canada, the United States, and other jurisdictions in the Western world have become alarmingly gender unbalanced – giving women far more legal rights than men. From prostitution laws to family and child custody issues, discriminating against men has become the ruling principle.

However, this is but one narrow manifestation of the politics of sex, which is no different in principle than the politics of race, gender, language, or ethnicity. In addition to the traditional sexual tensions between men and women, we now have the added complication of other politically recognized genders.

There is no doubt that sexuality plays a critical role in shaping human identity, behavior, and personal values. But sex and sexual identity have become a key political weapon in the continual war of political correctness. Continue reading »

458 – Freedom comes at the back of a gun / Guns control / Sinful thinking / Heaven on Earth

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Jun 232016

This my rifle...

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The tyranny which the Second Amendment was written to guard against can be seen forming quite clearly in the actions and goals of Democrats today. They’re gunning for guns, an agenda Democrats have worked towards since long before the tragic event in Orlando last week.

Consider it an object lesson in objects: While the left wails about the objects (weapons) used by criminals and terrorists, it refuses to acknowledge how it contributes to the conditions that make such events what some are now calling “the new normal.” But there’s nothing ‘normal’ about what happened in Orlando last week. Continue reading »

421 – Focus on pornography

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Oct 082015



00:07 Pornography – Toronto’s location dislocation: pornography news updates, porn debate heats up again, prostitution, Bill C-36, Canadian content porn requirements, money for sex, porn industry avoids Toronto, regulation vs prohibition, Montreal as Canada’s porn center, Brazzers
20:32 PornNO: children and on-line pornography, parenting, addiction to porn, re-defining porn as violence, porn as infidelity, anti-porn activists, the missing discussion
39:00 PROnography: more pornography news updates, Western University porn study, attitudes towards women, myths about porn
47:26 Don’t just blame porn: right-leaning states lean to porn, Archives of Sexual Behavior, top porn search terms – teen – ebony – pov, socially conservative beliefs, teens and moms, MILFs, consistencies in sexual behaviours, erectile dysfunction and porn
57:39 END

417 – Affirmative consent / Campus courts & jesters / Politically cracked / The farce estate

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Sep 102015



00:07 Consent clearly defiled: conflicting definitions of consent, affirmative consent, legal definition of consent, verbal – not affirmative, myth of the rape culture
17:20 Politically cracked ideology: sex as a biological imperative, men view sex as an end in itself, women view sex as a means to an end, the ‘Consent Conscious Kit’, affirmative consent is impossible consent,
30:30 Campus courts and jesters: campus sex courts, American Department of Education rules on affirmative consent, sexual violence and alcohol, restoring presumption of innocence to college campuses
41:55 The farce estate: ABC news Network Forces Whoopi Goldberg to reverse her support of Bill Cosby, Goldberg has nothing to apologize for, censoring the discussion about affirmative consent and presumption of innocence
58:35 END

389 – Bill Cosby’s shady accusers / Consent vs ‘affirmative consent’

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Feb 262015

Affirmative Consent


00:07 Shady Characters – Cosby’s accusers: Bill Cosby lawsuit, a review of Cosby’s accusers, Lachele Covington, Shawn Brown, Carla Ferrigno, Joyce Emmons, Chloe Goins, Beth Ferrier, Cidra Ladd, Kathrine McKee, attorney Gloria Allred, women now empowered
17:15 Thirty-three shades of one allegation: more Cosby accusers, Linda Brown, Lise-Lotte Lublin, Tamara Green, Linda Joy Traitz, Therese Serignese, patterns of allegation, patterns of complainants
30:20 Fifty shades of grey – bound to consent: Fifty Shades of Grey, feminist protests, bondage, consent, legal definition of consent
39:40 Two shades of black and white – consent vs affirmative consent: Freedom Party red alert on redefinition of consent in Ontario Curriculum, ‘yes’ does not always mean consent, children knowing vs understanding, affirmative consent, political monopolies, state education 53:20 END

380 – White guilt / Male guilt / Sex sells / Spam sells

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Dec 112014

Car Model


00:07 White guilt: collective guilt, being white a transgression, white guilt a political construction, Western ideals under attack, liberal abandonment of intellectual argument, spread of Western culture, attributing achievement to colour, official multiculturalism
13:10 Male guilt: race on television comedy and drama, comply or explain, bending corporate gender rules, consequences not defined, criteria not defined, chess rules, means and ends for more women on company boards, male guilt
28:28 Sex sells: Bill C-36 now law in Canada, sex workers, demanding no demand, prostitution, consent, Kathleen Wynne to investigate Bill C36, using sex to sell cars, female models as sex, political correctness, sexualization of products, rejection of sexuality, gender egalitarianism, sex appeal
45:40 Spam sells: Canadian anti-spam legislation, expected Charter challenges, Oakes test, follow the money on spam and prostitution laws 56:16 END

366 – Prude police / Culturing a rape culture / Feminist myths and misses / NOTO NATO

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Sep 042014



00:07 Prude police: Frosh week, Western Gazette, Megan Walker, moral guardian, media reactions to Gazette Frosh edition, Robyn Urback, Andrew Lawton, the prude police
17:25 Culturing a rape culture: Frosh week chants, modesty, Megan Walker, crying rape, redefining rape to advance feminist agendas
32:58 Feminist myths and misses: Christina Hoff Sommers, feminism, feminist myths, poverty, slavery, domestic violence, sexual assault
48:55 NOTO NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Ukraine, Canada’s commitment to NATO, NATO as a cause for the next world war, Treaty of Brussels, principles of mutual defence 55:42 END