May 042017

Woman shouts at man

Feminist claims that women in North America are suffering at the hands of a patriarchy amount to little more than propaganda. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that we live in a matriarchy under which the suffering are men.

Laws in Canada, the United States, and other jurisdictions in the Western world have become alarmingly gender unbalanced – giving women far more legal rights than men. From prostitution laws to family and child custody issues, discriminating against men has become the ruling principle.

However, this is but one narrow manifestation of the politics of sex, which is no different in principle than the politics of race, gender, language, or ethnicity. In addition to the traditional sexual tensions between men and women, we now have the added complication of other politically recognized genders.

There is no doubt that sexuality plays a critical role in shaping human identity, behavior, and personal values. But sex and sexual identity have become a key political weapon in the continual war of political correctness.

And as always, the singular objective of political correctness is quashing freedom of speech and silencing any debate that might threaten the agenda of those with sinister intentions.

As political efforts continue to be made to wedge the traditional sexes apart, the unavoidable reality is, as Dr Jordan Peterson once again explains, that “men and women need each other.”

That’s more than just his observation; it’s Just Right.

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