365 – Making book on the future / Froshing at the mouth

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Aug 282014

UWO Gazette


00:07 Making book on the future: civilization’s basic books, cook book – science book – philosophy book, future prediction, ideas and consequences, ideas in history, unhindering inquiry into the nature of the universe
13:20 Idea-ology: power of the printed word, from the enlightenment to the present, preserving knowledge, paper vs data storage, cyberhumans, genetic engineering, utopian future vs bleak future
26:40 Western Gazette delivers – an apology: Western Gazette frosh issue, Megan Walker, Andy Oudman, owed an apology, calls for resignation and apologies, Megan Walker’s bizarre demands, Megan Walker’s call for censorship, O-Week Drinking Game article, disturbing reactions to satire and humour, Big Bang Theory Drinking Game rules
48:14 Froshing at the mouth: the Gazette articles that offended, how to date a teaching assistant, stalking on Facebook, drug advice, no sense of humour 53:07 END

359 – Canada’s Bill C-36 / Addicted to prostitution / The ‘M’ word

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Jul 172014

Sex Workers


00:07 Canada’s Bill C36 – Demanding no demand: Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (Bill C-36), prostitution, Peter MacKay, selling sex vs buying sex
10:25 Addicted to prostitution: Prostitutes Anonymous, prostitution as the hardest addiction to break, warning signs, sexual abuse, victims and victimizers, Bill C-36, skewing the statistics, the moral imbalance – buying vs selling sex, ‘bought rape’, sex as a business, consent, pornography definition
29:54 The ‘M’ word: Conservative MP Joy Smith, porn filter, buying vs selling sex, anti-porn activists, Casandra Diamond, Gail dines, predatory capitalists, CRTC Canadian content rules for porn, ‘cultural pornification’, Jonathon Van Maren, pornography as a drug, using religion and science to combat porn, real life of a sex worker, real needs of a sex worker, masturbation
49:00 Contradic-Tory views on sex and the law: Conservative social philosophy – control regulate or prohibit, sexual differences, physical imbalance of power, laws enforce morality 57:32 END

Nov 282013

Socialism 101


00:07 A Pathetic Viewpoint: Glen Pearson on Rob Ford, apathy, democracy, public virtue, sacrifice for better future, Abraham Lincoln, compassion before ethics, Bruce Tallman on Rob Ford, Jesus Christ, passing judgment, ethics in politics, Rob Ford littering, taxes up in Toronto
19:05 Russell’s Brand Of Socialism: Jeremy Paxman interviews Russell Brand, not voting, not apathy, the political class, socialism, Brand’s socialism is the oldest brand of totalitarianism, Russell Brand’s humour
34:24 Parens Patriae Bashing: teacher bashing, public education, facilitators of public education’s destructive, disintegration of knowledge in public education, gun drawn, in loco parentis = “in place of the parent”, teaching and discipline, lunch supplements, parens patriae = “parent of the nation”, no touching policies, sexual touching policies
46:10 Dsinitgertaion Of Knowledge: school bans, blame the teachers, public education is propaganda machine of the left, destruction of the family, knowledge is hierarchical, public schools abandon knowledge, no education standards, whole language, poor literacy skills 56:56 END


311 – Capitalism / Censorship / No pasta for you!

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Aug 012013

pas de pasta pour vous


00:07 Capitalism: If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It: capitalism under attack, fixing capitalism, social good, prosperity, a different capitalism, Delaware, B-corp, Benefit Corporation, market need vs societal need, distributing the benefits of progress, don’t maximize shareholder value, not capitalism, who benefits?, social benefit, two types of capitalists, unknown ideal, retool and tool, economic sophism, Adam Smith’s invisible hand, win-win, communism, fascism, value, losing enterprises, profit
19:57 Economic Fables, Political Realities: economic fables, war is good for business, cart before horse, heart before course, ends and means, process vs future end, classless society, SEIU, healthcare for people not profit, profit vs rationing, concierge medicine
35:17 No Pasta For You – Quebec’s New Soup Nazis: Quebec language policing, french fascism, language insecurity, English endures, no laughing matter, censorship is the road to violence, freedom of speech, International Free Press Society, interests vs rights
50:10 Freedom’s Pillars: Freedom Of Speech And The Truth: freedom of speech, rule of law, civil unrest, truth, censorship is a useful tool, David Cameron and pornography ban, thin edge of the wedge 60:32 END

203 – The anti-pornographers

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Jun 092011

203 - Anti-pornographers 168x100


The Anti-Pornographers
London’s First Anti-Porn Conference – Anti-Porn? Anti-Men? Anti-Sex? Yes.
Hornier Than Thou – Proof That Men Are Violent?
Banning Bikinis To XXX – It’s All Violent Pornography To Them
Women And Men? Or Sluts And Rapists?

179 – Focus on Marriage – Variations on a theme

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Dec 022010

179 - Polyandry 100x168


Focus On: MARRIAGE: Variations On A Theme
Polygamy: Is It ‘Marriage’?
Is Freedom ‘Bountiful’ In Canada? Or Is Bountiful A Test For Freedom In Canada?
Defining Marriage: A Contract? An Institution? Or A Union?
Chemistry Vs Commitment – Open Questions On Open Marriages