Oct 082015



00:07 Pornography – Toronto’s location dislocation: pornography news updates, porn debate heats up again, prostitution, Bill C-36, Canadian content porn requirements, money for sex, porn industry avoids Toronto, regulation vs prohibition, Montreal as Canada’s porn center, Brazzers
20:32 PornNO: children and on-line pornography, parenting, addiction to porn, re-defining porn as violence, porn as infidelity, anti-porn activists, the missing discussion
39:00 PROnography: more pornography news updates, Western University porn study, attitudes towards women, myths about porn
47:26 Don’t just blame porn: right-leaning states lean to porn, Archives of Sexual Behavior, top porn search terms – teen – ebony – pov, socially conservative beliefs, teens and moms, MILFs, consistencies in sexual behaviours, erectile dysfunction and porn
57:39 END

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