Dec 312017

The Argument Sketch

Have you ever had the feeling that some of your personal “arguments” with friends and acquaintances begin to polarize along what appear to be political divisions of Left and Right?

Take any disagreement, and one side may be right and the other wrong. Or, both sides may be wrong. Or, both sides might be correct – but “arguing” in differing contexts.

However, when facts and feelings are in conflict, watch out! And when one side in an argument uses facts to support a case, then the opposition often retorts that facts are “uncaring” and therefore, they “care” and the other side doesn’t. Which to them, is a winning argument.

“Facts don’t care about your feelings,” notes Danielle noting Ben Shapiro. You don’t have to be mean or uncaring just by insisting on sticking to the facts, she “argues” in this discussion with Robert Vaughan. Unfortunately, facts may be facts, but often do not relate to what one side in an argument sees as being relevant.

It may well be that the very nature of “argument” makes it impossible to have one in a way that “feels” Just Right for all sides.

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