Dec 242017

Merry Christmas! For Christians and non-Christians alike, Christmas is that time of year for reflection, introspection, and for being a season that preserves the tradition of goodwill towards mankind.

Not a Christian invention, the practice of giving gifts, getting together with family and friends, and celebrating the birth of a new life brought into the world are universal values, enshrined by the Christmas season and shared by all peoples of goodwill.

Those very qualities can also be a source of great stress, as the absence of loved ones unable to share the season with us for various reasons become associated with a positive spirit and a great time of year.

Within the greater Christmas tradition also exist many differing personal traditions of the season. These include varying celebrations of family events, to the different music played and movies that are watched and re-watched faithfully as personal reflections of the meaning of Christmas.

Whatever your tradition at this time of year, this conversation between Danielle and Robert will affirm that when it comes to Christmas, there is no one way to celebrate Christmas that is Just Right.

[Just Right, with Bob Metz and Robert Vaughan will resume its new weekly broadcasts in the new year. Until then, be right, stay right, do right, act right, think right, and be right back here!]

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