Jan 042018


Still suffering from the Trump Derangement Syndrome, North America’s “establishment” media during 2017 continued to misrepresent the president at every opportunity. Why? (1) To discredit Donald Trump, and, (2) To cover up the real scandals in the Democratic camp, many that are criminal and treasonous in nature.

As the establishment news media continues to disseminate “fake news” as its means of opposing Trump and hiding self-evident truths, it’s always refreshing to have Salim Mansur join us for a real news update. U.S. President Donald Trump has already accomplished more during his first year in office than most presidents accomplish within their entire mandates, notes Salim.

For example, it took Donald Trump to finally execute America’s long-standing policy of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s legitimate capital city. It took Donald Trump to decisively defeat ISIS, the terrorist group that was aided and abetted by the policies of the previous American administration. It took Donald Trump to enact the always-promised-but-never-delivered tax-cuts for Americans. It took Donald Trump to deregulate America beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Under Donald Trump, the American economy is once again booming as it has not done in decades.

Trump has not only put America first; he is also advising other nations to do the same by encouraging them to similarly act in their own best interests.

Under Trump’s “principled realism,” the U.S. president is also re-shaping the direction of world affairs, and part of that re-alignment includes reforms and changes being made at the United Nations. Under Trump, America’s foreign policy is no longer foreign to reason.

If this is all “news” to you, then ask yourself why.

Perhaps it’s all the “fake news” – but of a type rarely discussed. After all, it is quite natural to assume “fake news” relates to some statement of fact that proves not true (i.e., does not correspond to reality or reason). But what about the real and significant news stories that, by conscious intent, never get reported?

By answering that question, we may discover that “No News Is Fake News,” and thus come closer to an explanation of the “fake news” phenomenon that is Just Right.

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