Apr 062023

“Unprecedented!” So say virtually all observers commenting on Donald Trump’s indictment and arraignment on charges of “falsifying business records.”

“Unprecedented” is an understatement. Given the context and greater narrative, a new vocabulary is called for. Perhaps a more focused question to ask is: Will Trump be “unpresidented” by the unprecedented events and developments we are seeing? How one answers that question depends on what one knows – or does not know.

“Knowledge precedes victory; ignorance precedes defeat” is the quote attributable to Sun Tzu in our show opener today. Having been described as the “personification of The Art of War” himself, it is fair to assume that Trump possesses knowledge and power that terrifies his foes. To understand why the deep state and the Left are so fearful of Trump, one has only to consider his political agenda that he has been making public at numerous political rallies and events.

Among his ten steps to “kill the deep state,” Trump plans to “declassify and publish documents on deep state spying, censorship, and corruption,” to “crackdown on (fake) news …and where possible, press criminal charges.”

In addition, Trump plans to ban federal bureaucrats from accepting jobs from the companies they regulate, and perhaps the most frightening prospect for an entrenched deep state is Trump’s call for “a constitutional amendment to put term limits on members of congress.”

With another useful distraction provided by Trump’s indictment, there remains hidden a little known narrative regarding Trump’s agenda to “drain the swamp,” one that has been denied and resisted by those who dismiss any hint of “conspiracy theory.” Small wonder, given that it involves on-going references to “Q-anon” and to the involvement of an agreement between Trump and the U.S. military. Yet, there are credible sources and enough circumstantial evidence to support such a narrative, one that does not necessarily contradict other perspectives on the whole deep state zeitgeist.

Although Trump’s indictment is indeed a distraction, it is also much more than that. It is evidence of criminal actions combined with political intentions on the part of those initiating the indictment. It is exactly the kind of evidence that Trump wants and has been accumulating since stepping back from a presidency that was fraudulently taken from him.

“Unpresidented” seems to be the word that’s Just Right to describe what happened to Trump in 2020, and what is being attempted again today.

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