Apr 182019

Me Too

As a political weapon of the Left, the so-called ‘#MeToo movement’ is a propaganda effort specifically calculated to destroy principles of fundamental justice. ‘Convictions’ take place not in a court of law, where at least some semblance of due process still nominally exists, but in the court of public opinion, where due process has no place.

Unlike a court of law, where both the prosecution and the defense have a seat at the table, in the court of public opinion there is only one seat for the prosecutor, and none for the defense. And that’s exactly how the Left likes it; so much so, that every effort is being made to make our courts of law operate very much like their favored court of public opinion.

Behind this evil trend is the postmodern cult of feminism which has been using its #MeToo propaganda campaign to justify libeling, slandering, and otherwise hurling public accusations against men without being held accountable.

Worse, using an epistemologically invalid array of ‘gender identities,’ the Left has now ‘transgendered’ itself from promoting an abuse of justice to promoting the abuse of children. The growing number of victims of this form of child abuse are not discussed in mainstream media, because that media is a part of the Left and refuses to report the abuse. Additionally, outraged and shocked parents of the children being abused have been told by authorities that any action on their part to protect their children or to bring their concerns to the public will be met with severe legal consequences – including having their children taken from them.

This may all sound unbelievable, but it is sadly true. To call this situation tragic is a gross understatement. Small wonder that the Left does not want any facts about the incredible harm done by the Left’s ‘gender’ dogma to come to light; some of the testimonies heard on today’s show are deeply disturbing and terrifying, particularly to parents with young children.

Just as the Left’s ‘fighting climate change’ campaigns are not about climate but about politics, so too, its #MeToo and gender campaigns are all about the politics of destruction, and not about sex or gender.

The many men who have been later found to be innocent of any of the #MeToo public slanders (and those who have been unjustly convicted) have little recourse, thanks to various legal machinations of the Left. This is tragic. But the greater tragedy is that the children who are today being intellectually and emotionally abused – and physically disfigured – thanks to Leftist gender propaganda may never be able to recover in a way that’s Just Right.

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