Sep 262019

Justin Trudeau

Sometimes the hypocrisy inherent in a person’s actions can be a cover to hide what he is really being hypocritical about. That’s certainly true when it comes to the crocodile tear ‘apologies’ offered by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau upon the revelation of a past in which he wore ‘blackface’ as a costume – on at least three known occasions that surfaced in the first week of Canada’s election.

Even though this is a behaviour that Trudeau had in past publicly labelled ‘racist,’ most Canadians are rightly reluctant to label Trudeau a racist solely on the grounds of wearing ‘blackface’ in costume some decades ago. This is ironic, given that it is Trudeau himself who continues to insist that his wearing ‘blackface’ was a racist act and who insists on apologizing for it. But this is mere distraction.

Because the real racism Trudeau should be apologizing for is his use of race to pander to win elections and thus, political power. His strategy is, after all, what objectively defines racism: “the utilization of racial differences, actual or supposed, for political ends.” (Universal World Reference Encyclopedia)

When understood that all racism emanates from variant forms of collectivism (the fundamental ideology of the Left) it should not be surprising that the Leftist Trudeau politically thinks in terms of race and identity politics. To Leftists, those who are not members of the apparently non-racial Caucasian race are labelled ‘racialized’ in the hopes of creating a great political divide where none exists.

The very use of the anti-conceptual term ‘racialized’ is just one tool in the Leftist arsenal that really means ‘politicized’ – using others as pawns to be played to win someone else’s political objectives.

It’s a black and white decision: Only when ‘racism’ is defined in a way that is Just Right can any objective conclusion about whether or not Trudeau is racist be determined.

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  One Response to “624 – Trudeau’s hypocrisy — A black and white issue”

  1. I’m reviewing, “The Communist Manifesto.” Karl Marx’s opening sentence is, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” This 13 word summery identifies the essence of Canada’s Liberalism – which our Prime Minister desperately evades through constant non-essential concretes. Of which the Progressives also evade due to their religious collective protections.

    This media presentation unravels, exposes, and offers the only solution to the problem of historical collectivism necessary for people to be free. At the same time, the solution of individualism is opposite to the Communist idea of freedom by citing personal responsibility, not a subjective free for all idea of carelessness with one’s life.

    It only requires a little self-education to see what you are saying is just right. Bravo for continuing to be a strong voice for freedom. I’m sure many appreciate it!

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