Oct 232014

Lenny Bruce


00:07 Choice – or freedom of choice? Ottawa terrorist attack, it’s just right to prevent the threat to democracy, the way the world has been going lately, radicalized opinions, democracy’s objective is freedom, voter threats to Western civilization, trading freedom for security, growing dissatisfaction with government, we the people, John Macmurray, freedom-dignity-responsibility, Listen Little Man by Wilhelm Reich, two kinds of people, the emotional plague, voter distrust of each other, hope springs from understanding, confusing freedom of choice with choice
15:32 A plague on democracy: understanding vs belief, God, trickery in favour of truth, petty misdeeds, on the side of the persecutors, aiming at the truth, the public as dictator, rising from the mass into individuality, the process of individualization, democracy is no guarantee of freedom, Wilhelm Reich on humour, the joke’s on us
26:40 GUEST – Scott Williams-Oakes: October-Jest 2, London’s re-emerging comedy scene, for mature audiences, politically incorrect comedy, costume contest, comedy vs fear, the late great dead comedians, rise of social media, fake apologies, freedom of speech
41:24 Comedy is the fool’s occupation: Smothers Brothers, heroes of comedy, court jester, acting the fool, Lenny Bruce, breaking the obscenity envelope, Don Rickles, kernel of truth, too soon escape clause, cold war comedy, poking fun at sacred cows, All In The Family, Sanford and Son, Soap, late-night comedy 52:04 END

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