Oct 302014

Russell Brand


00:07 Party politics – parting politicians: London municipal election results, the Fontana Ate, Fontana’s council not dysfunctional, socialists are dysfunctional, zero percent tax increase promise, the power of a repeated lie, legal theft vs illegal theft, election signs, door-knocking, voter turnover between elections, the media agenda, defacto political party, party politics in municipal elections, predicting a boring council
16:30 Change please: London municipal election results, change but little difference, Toronto election, right and left, consensus and debate, Ontario Ombudsman says democracy unfolding, forcing people to vote, voting as a duty or a right, freedom of religion
30:05 Islamists Branded mental: Russell Brand’s tirade against Stephen Harper, Ottawa terrorist link to ISIS inescapable, religious motivation or mental illness, insensitivity of Russell Brand, Russell Brand’s brand of politics, Brand promotes destruction and anarchy, True News is distorted news
49:05 Just right copyright: Political parties and news copyright, Conservative government’s omnibus bill, CTV News protests, no copyright in news, radio and TV advertising, democratic freedom 56:30 END

  One Response to “374 – Party politics – parting politicians / Russell Brand goes mental / Just right copyright”

  1. I had to laugh when it was pointed out on your broadcast that you only used the most sane spinets of Brand’s tirade and that we could go online to hear the entire thing. I was so infuriated by just the parts you did play that I was tempted to skip them; I couldn’t imagine listening to this man’s proselytizing for much longer. This man is a despicable human being who sadly has more people listening and agreeing with him than there ought to be. Imagine how great this world could be if those numbers were instead listening to “Just Right!” 😉
    Keep up the good work gentlemen!

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