Nov 062014

Keith Weiner


GUEST: Keith Weiner – Gold Standard Institute USA
00:07 Fools about gold? challenging assumptions about gold, returning to the gold standard, a moral issue, printing fiat money, legal tender laws, capital gains tax, forced to hoard gold and silver, prohibition of gold ownership, 1929-1933 history
15:15 Not just a marginal issue: marginal utility – what makes gold different, the value of gold, cornering the silver market, human inventory of gold and silver, money supply and prices, observation vs theory, Gold Standard movement’s tragic mistake – focusing on prices, wealthy at risk
32:25 Militantly indifferent: price of gold, gold standard, Coinage Act 1792, no price of gold before 1971, extinguishing debt, why debt accumulates, resistance to the gold standard, what is really wrong with the dollar,
45:00 From paper to gold: Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, central planning of money, from ending slavery to ending prohibition, the destruction of capital, falling rate of interest, fiat victims – retirees and unemployed 57:38 END

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